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View the latest post Impossible Bosses SC2 Future update

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So I've started work on a significant update for SC2 IB; there's going to be a new boss, at least one new class, notable combat changes and some updates to older classes and bosses. I think this might be the biggest patch yet. If there are things you'd like to see feel free to post them in this thread. I'm going to be busy for about 2 weeks, but I should be able to get this out by the end of March.

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View the latest post Patch 3.2

*Fixed bug that hid inventory
*Fixed bug that broke Cursed Knight's Interrupt

*Serenity healing increased to 3200 from 1280
*Divine Spirit cooldown lowered to 55 from 65 and life regen increased to 175 from 50

Sea Witch
*Torrent maximum healing output lowered to 7000 from 9000

Cursed Knight
*Basic attack range increased
*Raise Skeleton; duration increased to 4.5s from 3.5s and cast range greatly increased
*Unholy Shroud; now restores 1500 life instantly and life regen increased to 350 from 300
*Obliterate range increased slightly
*Charge cooldown lowered to 12 from 16

Dragon Knight
*Basic attack range increased
*Dragon Blood damage reduction lowered to 30% from 60%
*Soar cooldown increased to 16 from 12

*Shadow Step cast range increased to 20 from 15
*Siphon Soul ally healing increased to 1200 from 900
*Siphon Soul will now restore 450 life to yourself regardless if target is an ally or enemy

*Forsest Sprites now properly does magic damage instead of physical and total damage lowered to 312 from 360

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View the latest post Sorcerer's Descent, a Rock the Cabinet Entry

So for the past several months, CorruptionOfLOL and I have been developing a new game: Sorcerer's Descent!

CorruptionOfLOL commentated a bunch of screenshots and wrote an in-depth post about the game here.

Sorcerer's Descent is a co-operative stealth-focused role-playing game for one to four players wherein you are tasked with navigating a labyrinth of caves, descending ever deeper while taking advantage of darkness, light, sound, and of course a bit of magic to avoid and outwit the creatures within. I promise that this is a game unlike any you have ever seen on the StarCraft II Arcade...

Play it now!

We've entered it in Blizzard's Rock the Cabinet contest. Now it's just a month of waiting to see if we make the top 10. If we make the top 10, it'll be open to public voting! Any feedback on the game is welcome!

I haven't forgotten about IB either. I released patch 3.1 today and I do have some more content I'd like to get in eventually.

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