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View the latest post Impossible Bosses is a "Rock the Cabinet" semi-finalist!

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, your favorite map has been selected as one of the top 10 entries in Blizzard's "Rock the Cabinet" contest. But, let it be known, it is not the final frontier! It has fallen upon your hands to vote right now for Impossible Bosses so that it may be among the five finalists. Voting ends Tuesday, July 15th and every vote counts, so make haste!

Here are a few reasons why you want IB to win:

  1. Impossible Bosses will gain popularity, greatly increasing the number of Normal, Hard, and Impossible runs that take place.
  2. Blizzard will create some assets for the game, and the grand prize includes a custom portrait for you to unlock!
  3. If you play all 10 semi-finalists and vote, you could win some stuff and things!
  4. Psyris will win thousands of dollars which he will use to purchase actual, real-life friends to ease his cripplingly agonizing loneliness!
  5. True pros, without exception, ALWAYS VOTE TWICE!* *That would be cheating, though, so don't actually do that. Just vote once. For IB. Now.

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View the latest post Patch 1.4/1.5

Patch 1.5
•Rare Scroll drop chance now resets on restart
•Activatable damage dealing items no longer benefit from Vulnerability and damage increasing effects

•Sinner's Soul taunting now works beyond initial cast
•Pandemonium's Void base damage lowered to 750 from 1140 and damage per upgrade to 375 from 570
•Molten Soul base damage lowered from 1000 to 500 and death effect can now only trigger twice per boss fight

Atomsk, Spiral King
•Normal/Hard: Life increased
•Hard: If all Sorcerers are dead once an ultimate ends, Atomsk will enter final phase

Patch 1.4
•Fame now includes the Overall Rank of your highest rated victory (this is not retroactive)
•After defeating a boss, your best Clear Time for that fight and difficulty are displayed
•All boss tips now are viewable on Normal (previously only showed tips for new bosses)
•Hero cast bar size increased
•Increased the volume on various hero sounds
•Fixed a sometimes broken ally inventory view on restart
•Shop item stocks now reset on restart

•Guardian Soul: buff icon is now visible when not on cooldown

Atomsk, Spiral King
•Will no longer regenerate energy during GRAVITYFLUX

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View the latest post Patch Notes 1.3

•A new boss has been added! He is the 5th boss and is playable on all difficulties, making for a total of 7 playable bosses!
•Skull now appears above dead heros with no lives
•Warlock's self-damage is no longer increased by Entranced debuff
•Difficulty selection: Unused votes now default to highest difficulty that person has unlocked (was previously always Easy)
•Bosses are now in tiers. After reaching a tier, you can play bosses within it in any order
Tier 1: Ancient Spirit / Lord of Depths
Tier 2: Hellfire Succubus / Gravelord
More tiers will be added later

•2 new Souls have been added
•Brave Soul and Gaven's Fortitude have swapped effects
•Resourceful Soul cooldown rate increase now caps at 200% down from 300%
•Prophet's Foresight increase per level now matches its tooltip

•Now passively regenerates 2% energy per sec
•Chains now restore 2% energy per sec

Dream Eater
•Move speed increased while in NIGHTMARE form

Phantom Dragon
•PHANTOMLANCE should now deal damage
•Fixed bug that prevented end-phase ability RUIN from being cast

Battle Master
•Slaughter damage lowered to 540 from 660

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