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View the latest post Patch 4.0

*An old boss returns from Warcraft as the 5th fight!
*New hero: Paladin
*Adjusted lighting for all boss arenas to make them more vibrant and add shadows
*Healing is now tracked and includes healing from items and souls
*Hero Selection has been updated
*There is now only one Random option and it will pick a unique hero and will never pick a Tank or Healer if one exists
*Fixed bug that caused various heros to appear invisible and other models to appear black (old Priest and Warlock models causing some weird issues)
*Fixed bug that broke all boss hand attachments (most notably Gravelord's weapons)
*Fixed bug on Water's ultimate that caused camera to follow summons
*Normal difficulty is now unlocked to start
*Normal Rank Scoring is now less generous
*Hard life reward is now after the 4th boss instead of the 3rd
*Camera follow is now disabled by default
*Dryad can no longer destroy his own Dream Prison


*You can now carry 3 Enchants
*Knight's Zeal now increases move speed by 20% passively and now activates after taking 500 up from 125 damage
*2 new souls have been added; Celestial and Eternal
*Gaven's Might removed
*Ai's Fluidity now significantly increases move speed after using Mystic Guard
*Elusive Soul now increase move speed significantly and can target allies
*Fairy Soul healing reduced to 225 from 500 and chance to summon reduced to 50% from 60%
*Fairy Soul will no longer heal summons
*Alchemist's Soul max restore lowered to 40% from 60%
*Nayru's Love cooldown reduction per upgrade reduced to 15s from 20s
*Radiant Soul healing reduced to 40 from 60 per sec
*Remington's Divinity now prevents first death from lowering team's Rank
*Black Magic no longer prevents deaths from lowering Rank
*Divine Gift cost increased to 25 from 15 gold
*Spirit Fury cost increased to 40 from 30
*Fixed bug that caused Enchants Sage's Will and Improve Luck to provide a 20% move speed increase
*Improved FX on a few souls and items

Belthazar, Lord of Flame

*Fire Lord arena has a new look
*Ultimate's projectile explosions no longer apply a DoT on Hard
*FLAMETURBINE duration reduced to 5s from 6s and can now spawn at much further distances
*FLAMEBURST can no longer be interrupted
*MAGMABURST; now shows aoe warnings and causes fire to rain down for a brief period. Projectile impact damage increased to 750 from 250 and impact time decreased to 1s from 1.5s

Ancient Spirit
*Ancient Spirit arena has a new look. Spell FX and lighting adjusted
*OMEGACRUSH now does 750 impact damage and can land much closer to boss
*WRATH movement speed and collision size increased. Duration reduced to 5s from 7s
*ANCIENTBLAST - boss will now pick a target (not tauntable) and lockon before the beams emerge
*Ultimate owls spawn further out but move quicker
*Trees are now fully grown instead of saplings when created
*SPORE damage increased to 750 from 450 and and now creates 6 trees
*SPORE now slows by 20%
*Normal+:NATURESGRASP will now cause Ancient's next attack to be empowered
*Hard+: Whenever Root/Spiritbind debuff expires, Spore will be applied
*Boss will now wait to ult if Root was just cast

Vale, Lord of the Depths

*Arena has a new look. Spell visuals have been adjusted
*WHIRLPOOL will now only target a hero once every 30s if there are other targets
*WATERASPECT cast time lowered to 1s from 1.5 and can no longer be interrupted. Impact damage increased to 3000 from 2000
*WATERASPECT now has homing while at great distances (if you are at a distance where the homing would activate, it can still be avoided without using any abilities)
*Tornados speed increased and impact damage increased to 2000 from 1250
*Hard: VORTEXES spawn frequency increased

Rayel, Hellfire Succubus

*Imps size increased
*Fixed Galthaus broken attack animation
*Galthaus' ranged attack damage increased to 375 from 150
*Galthaus' MOLTENRUSH impact damage increased to 750 from 0 and will now pushback slightly
*MOLTENMAW damage increased to 1500 from 800 per sec

Narthuul, Gravelord
*Increased damage on various abilities
*Ultimate will no longer lower maximum life of every hero by 250 and will no longer apply chains at the very start
*Chains can no longer be activated by summons
*Chains no longer slow but will now link you to the boss and keep you near him
*Chain links will last until the boss uses his Ultimate where he will pull chained heros inward and lower their life permenantly by 500 (can stack 4 times)
*Chain damage per sec lowered to 25 from 125
*Boss will now instantly chain players in the second phase
*RENEWAL will now only cast if at least one hero is chained and will deal damage to chained heros
*VANQUISH will now chain players to the boss
*RAISE cast time lowered to .75 from 1.5
*GRAVESTRIKE damage increased to 3000 from 2000
*REND now has a duration of 3.5s and will change direction towards a hero after 2s or any wall impacts (it is very deadly if near a wall)
*NETHERTRAP; cast time lowered to 1.5s from 1.75s, can now be cast at range, can no longer be interrupted and a warning indicator added
*Ultimate sword swing now does 4K up from 2.75K damage
*Pestilence clouds will no longer move through walls
*Gravelings scale increased

Atomsk, Spiral King

*Fixed rare bug that prevented boss from regenerating energy during final phase
*Standing near Atomsk during ult is now dangerous
*SUPERNOVA life increased to 250 from 225
*BLACKHOLE damage increased to 3000 from 1250
*Atomsk is now invulnerable at 100% energy

Athyris, Dream Eater
*Significant changes

Ensiga, Phantom Dragon
*Significant changes

*Warlock, Priest, Battle Master, Ranger and Ice Mage have new models
*Improved FX for most heros
*All projectile line target abilities have significantly increased cast range
*Increased attack range on basic projectile attacks
*Added targeting assist searches to any direct target abilities missing them (almost all abilities aside from heals) and improved ones that already had them
*Targeting assist searches will now cause you to cast on target instead of missing if target moved from away
*Increased the volume on many hero sounds and changed a few
*Boss and hero damage text is now more vibrant
*Self Cast hotkeys can now be set in Hotkeys > Global > "Self Cast Keys". I don't think there's a way to have these set by default. I'd reccommend using ALT + "ability key".

Fire Mage
*Molten Tomb now has map-wide cast range and no longer requires a target
*Mana Void cast range significantly increased, will no longer cancel if target moves too far and will now restore 75% of your mana regardless of target
*Ignite Spirit; cast range significantly increased, movement speed boost increased to 3 from 2.8 and now grants immunity to slows
*Meteor; aoe increased, damage increased to 420 from 400 and is now 3 hits

Battle Master
*Expose Weakness now has map-wide cast range and no longer requires a target
*Expose Weakness Vulnerability increase lowered to 20% from 25%
*Slaughter aoe increased to 4.5 from 3
*Assault is now a leap attack with a short travel time and cast range increased to 12 from 8
*Battlecry will no longer interrupt movement and speed bonus increased to 2 from 1.4
*Outlast can now be cast while Slaughter is active

*Shadow Step cooldown increased to 12 from 9, but no longer requires an ally target
*Siphon Soul will now remain locked onto an ally regardless of distance
*Siphon Soul damage lowered to 110 from 210 and Life Steal damage increased to 100 from 50
*Enveloping Darkness; damage increased to 450 from 390 and mana cost lowered to 50 from 75
*Enveloping Darkness will now prefer enemies closest to the center of target instead of highest life and will not target an enemy more than once if it will kill it
*Tainted Soul now converts 600 life into 200 up from 140 mana and can no longer kill the Warlock

*Virtue mana cost increased to 18 from 12
*Treants now have a very low target priority and in most cases will be ignored by the boss

Ice Mage
*Frost Nova aoe significantly increased and no longer has a target cap
*Frost Armor now grants 50% damage reduction for 2s instead of 1s of invulnerability and duration reduced to 20s from 30s

*Arrow Rain; cast range increased to 20 from 15, aoe increased significantly and no longer has a target cap
*Agility now provides a greater speed increase on use
*Preperation cast range increased to 20 from 8 and can now be cast without interupting movement or casts
*Rapid Fire total damage increased to 600 from 500 and now has a base cooldown of 5s down from 30s, however each arrow fired will increase the cooldown by 1.25s
*Life increased to 3000 from 2750

*Shine now also heals allies passed through for 215 and aoe increased
*Divine Spirit; cast range increased to 20 from 12, cooldown lowered to 45 from 55 and can now instantly revive a fallen ally with 50% life

Sea Witch
*Soothe healing lowered to 270 from 420
*Forked Lightning; cooldown increased to 28 from 16 and damage lowered to 250 from 300
*Torrent mana cost increased to 50 from 40

Dragon Knight
*Soar cast ranged increased to 20 from 16
*Feast cast time lowered to .5s from 1s
*Whelp attack ranged increased to 15 from 12
*Dragon form attack range increased to 15 from 7 and attacks now restore 160 life

Cursed Knight
*Fixed bug that prevented Skeleton from keeping boss taunted

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View the latest post Impossible Bosses SC2 Future update

1, 2, 3, 4

So I've started work on a significant update for SC2 IB; there's going to be a new boss, at least one new class, notable combat changes and some updates to older classes and bosses. I think this might be the biggest patch yet. If there are things you'd like to see feel free to post them in this thread. I'm going to be busy for about 2 weeks, but I should be able to get this out by the end of March.

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View the latest post Patch 3.2

*Fixed bug that hid inventory
*Fixed bug that broke Cursed Knight's Interrupt

*Serenity healing increased to 3200 from 1280
*Divine Spirit cooldown lowered to 55 from 65 and life regen increased to 175 from 50

Sea Witch
*Torrent maximum healing output lowered to 7000 from 9000

Cursed Knight
*Basic attack range increased
*Raise Skeleton; duration increased to 4.5s from 3.5s and cast range greatly increased
*Unholy Shroud; now restores 1500 life instantly and life regen increased to 350 from 300
*Obliterate range increased slightly
*Charge cooldown lowered to 12 from 16

Dragon Knight
*Basic attack range increased
*Dragon Blood damage reduction lowered to 30% from 60%
*Soar cooldown increased to 16 from 12

*Shadow Step cast range increased to 20 from 15
*Siphon Soul ally healing increased to 1200 from 900
*Siphon Soul will now restore 450 life to yourself regardless if target is an ally or enemy

*Forsest Sprites now properly does magic damage instead of physical and total damage lowered to 312 from 360

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