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View the latest post Sorcerer's Descent, a Rock the Cabinet Entry

So for the past several months, CorruptionOfLOL and I have been developing a new game: Sorcerer's Descent!

CorruptionOfLOL commentated a bunch of screenshots and wrote an in-depth post about the game here.

Sorcerer's Descent is a co-operative stealth-focused role-playing game for one to four players wherein you are tasked with navigating a labyrinth of caves, descending ever deeper while taking advantage of darkness, light, sound, and of course a bit of magic to avoid and outwit the creatures within. I promise that this is a game unlike any you have ever seen on the StarCraft II Arcade...

Play it now!

We've entered it in Blizzard's Rock the Cabinet contest. Now it's just a month of waiting to see if we make the top 10. If we make the top 10, it'll be open to public voting! Any feedback on the game is welcome!

I haven't forgotten about IB either. I released patch 3.1 today and I do have some more content I'd like to get in eventually.

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View the latest post Patch 3.1

There were a lot of bugs introduced by SC2's 3.0 patch and a few old ones. I managed to fix a good deal of them, but I'm sure there are more I didn't catch and a few don't have clear fixes (Gravelord's broken weapon attachments is a notable one).

*Fixed various bugs that prevented some models and effects from showing
*Fixed hero select UI
*Fixed bug that created broken hero selection areas
*May have fixed model issue that caused Fire Mage / Cursed Knight to start invisible
*Fairy's Soul, Gaven's Might, and Sage's Will enchant now all work with Dryad, Sea Witch, and Cursed Knight
*Ranger's Preparation now works on Dryad, Sea Witch, and Cursed Knight
*Warlock's Shadow Step now teleports
*Black Magic will now work on ancient's trees
*Priest now has the attack command

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View the latest post Patch 3.0

The long overdue patch is here and it's a big one. While there are 3 new classes and a new boss, the most notable change is the significant buff to hero movement speed. I've gone through every boss and made adjustments to compensate. Some things might be harder or easier than intended; more adjustments are probably needed. The goal wasn't to make the game more difficult or easier in general, so if something feels off, especially if it's a big difficulty gap from the previous version, please make a post here and I'll look into it.

From now until the end of October I'll be focusing on a new project for this year's Rock the Cabinet contest. If IB has any glaring bugs or balance issues I'll try and quickly address them, but new content is unlikely for the time being. I might find time to finish up a new boss that has been planned for awhile, but that's not a priority.

*Hero movement speed significantly increased; all bosses have been adjusted
*New starting boss: Belthazar returns!
*New classes: Dryad (Attack), Cursed Knight (Tank), Sea Witch (Healer)
*New shop area; heros can now move and use abilities while not shopping
*Many debuffs that previously slowed now have a different effect or reduced duration
*All hero movement abilities max range increased
*Interrupt abilities are now instant cast. On Easy / Moderate interrupt abilities are only enabled while a boss is casting something interruptible. Hard+ they remain enabled at all times
*Boss order is now set; no more voting. This may be reverted back eventually
*Unit life bars are now forced on and can be toggeled in lobby
*Ability hotkeys are now forced on
*Improved various hero and boss FX
*Improved simple tooltips
*Best boss Clear Times have been reset

*All bosses have had various adjustments to abilities to compensate for increased hero movement speed. Some abilities have even been reworked. Most boss changes aren't noted here. Abilities that were adjusted, but didn't change significantly mechanically haven't been noted.

Ancient Spirit
*Trees no longer become invulnerable while boss is besides them
*Basic attacks now have a slight delay before exploding, making them slightly easier to avoid
*OMEGACRUSH reworked
*OMEGABURST now has a very slight delay before starting (cast time becomes instant after merging with Spirit)
*Easy: time till weakstate lowered
*Easy: weakened state now triggers automatically
*Easy: FLOURISH duration reduced to 3.5s from 4

Lord of the Depths
*Arena is larger
*New common cast ability WAVEFORCE, replacing TWISTER (which is now a rarer cast)
*DELUGE channel time reduced to 5s from 10s, but total projectile output unchanged
*Ultimate: boss now submerges with each impact and attempts to emerge on a hero

Hellfire Succubus
*New music
*Galthaus will now switch between a melee and ranged basic attack
*All lingering flames now slow by 40% while standing on them and apply Burn
*MOLTENRUSH will now spawn on the edge of the arena
*FIRETRAP Burn debuff no longer slightly slows

*Arena has a new look

Phantom Dragon
*Arena has a new look
*Base form has a new model and basic attack
*Several reworked abilities

Dragon Knight
*New model
*Feast is now a targetable ability that steals life from an enemy or gives life to an ally
*Aspects of old Feast merged with the new and improved Dragon Blood (high damage reduction)

Fire Mage
*Meteor cast range increased to 16 from 12
*Molten Tomb cooldown lowered to 40 from 45 and cast time lowered to 1 from 2
*Ignite Spirit can now be cast without interrupting movement or other casts

*Enveloping Darkness now launches projectiles with great range. Self-damage removed and now creates the regen aura at caster point
*Life Steal range increased to 12 from 10

Battle Master
*Fade will now de-aggro the boss immediately when applied

*Saint's Soul now has a 4s cast time
*Necromancer's Soul's skeletons now have an arena-wide aggro range
*New Enchant: Knight's Zeal increases move speed greatly for 2s anytime 125 damage is taken or prevented. Heros now start with this on Easy.
*Frightened Soul now reduces potency of slows by 80% up from 25%

*Fixed bug that kept you slowed after defeating Lord of the Depths
*Fixed bug that sometimes prevented acquiring a Soul
*Healing Wave should now always bounce
*Nayru's Love can now be cast on allies
*Phantom Dragon will no longer... kill himself

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