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View the latest post Development Continues

Hey! So thanks to the really cool WC3 mod Blizz released, development has started up again. Around the time that comes off the PTR, I'll be releasing a large patch with some very big changes, new classes, and a new boss.

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View the latest post Patch 2.0

So I finally got it released. No class or boss additions unfortunately. Lack of models is still an issue for classes, however I do have a boss in early development, but I wouldn't expect him for awhile.

*Boss life is now visible
*Heros now have 1s of invulnerability after being revived
*Hero abilities that directly target allies now have a small search area
*Boss warning areas are more visible on low graphics settings
*Bosses now flash while casting interruptible abilities
*Many boss abilities with a cast time under 1s can no longer be interrupted
*Normal difficulty; Vulnerability now takes 60s (was 45s) to kick in, bosses have roughly 1000 more life, and lives now cap at 1 and are awarded every other boss fight
*Rank D now awards 15 (was 20) gold. Rank F now awards 10 (was 15)
*All known bugs have been fixed
*Passive Souls now prioritize inventory slot 5 over 4

*Fortitude damage reduction increased to 200 from 175 and cooldown lowered to 6s from 7s
*Sage's Will mana increased to 100 from 75 and mana restore on attack incresed to 5 from 2
*Black Magic life per kill increased to 125 from 80 and mana to 10 from 0
*Belthazar's Rage cost lowered to 30 from 35 and life reduction lowered to 500 from 750

*Brave Soul is now a Boss Soul
*New Basic Soul added
*4 new Boss Souls have been added
*Frightened Soul will now activate if 150 (was 500) damage is taken or prevented in a single attack
*Arcane Soul time till activation lowered to 5s from 6s
*Pandemonium's Void now does its damage over 4s from 5s
*Guardian Soul base cooldown lowered to 65 from 70 and duration increased to 1s from .5s
*Sinner's Soul duration increased to 6.5s from 5s, but life reduced to 2000 from 3000
*Selia's Will base damage lowered to 100 from 250
*Lord's Madness can no longer reset the cooldown of items

Lord of the Depths
*Ultimate: Slam aoe is slightly larger, but has reduced pushback based on distance
*WATERASPECT impact damage increased to 2000 from 1250 and travel damage to 1000 from 750

Hellfire Succubus
*Charmed Demon will teleport more consistently
*Hard: While Charmed Demon is alive, Rayel will ocassionally apply 1 unavoidable stack of seduce to a hero (this can be taunted)

*Passive energy regen lowered to 1% from 2%, but now increases by .5% with each revive
*BLIGHT duration lowered to 5s from 6.6s and can no longer be double cast
*Ultimate: Pestilence clouds are now cleared with a new attack
*Ultimate: Pushed heros can no longer be chained
*Gravelings move speed increased and attack damage increased to 150 from 50
*GRAVESTRIKE damage increased to 2000 from 1250

Spiral King
*GRAVITYFLUX will not cast if a SUPERNOVA star is active
*Hard: SUPERNOVA will cast more frequently

Dream Eater
*Dreamform abilities (besides MINDROT) now deal significant damage, but are incapable of killing
*MINDROT will no longer sometimes restore players mana

Phantom Dragon
*Various ability and mechanic adjustments

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View the latest post Impossible Bosses has made the Top 5!

It took 2nd place in the poll! Thanks to everyone who voted! Blizzard is now going to decide on the top 3. According to the rules, winners should be announced by August 15, so expect a patch around then at the latest.

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