SEA KOR AUS beat H /First Ranger Clear (3.2)

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SEA KOR AUS beat H /First Ranger Clear (3.2)

Postby ktae3102 » April 22nd, 2017, 3:11 am

LastBrigade : Dryad KOR
IceGLider : Cursed Knight KOR
약물 : Priest KOR
swyngs : Ranger KOR
PVP : Fire Mage AUS
Reservoir : Sea Witch SEA

2nd day of us to play H

Belthazar: Rank A
Ancient Spirit: Rank S
Vale: Rank A
Rayel: Rank S
Narthuul: Rank D
Atomsk: Rank F
Athyris: Rank S
Ensiga: Rank F

SEA KOR AUS beat H First Ranger Clear (3.2).SC2Replay
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