Hall of Legends Rules - MUST READ

Report and discuss victories over Hard or Impossible difficulty modes.
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One thread per victory. Please include a replay. Hard or Impossible difficulty modes only.
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Hall of Legends Rules - MUST READ

Postby CorruptionOfLOL » March 21st, 2014, 4:23 am

Hall of Legends Rules

The Hall of Legends is specifically designed to make it easy to report your Hall of Fame-worthy victories to Psyris, announce them to the world, and discuss them amongst yourselves. To keep the Hall of Legends easy for everybody (including Psyris) to navigate, special rules are in place that all topics in this forum must abide by. Those rules are as follows:

1. The posted victory must have been on either the Hard or Impossible difficulty mode. Easy or Normal mode victories are not to be posted here, but instead in the General Discussion forum.

2. A replay of the victorious game must accompany each new topic. It may be attached to the post or uploaded elsewhere and linked to the post. Topics made without such proof will be relocated to the General Discussion forum until a post that provides a replay is created in said topic.

3. This should be obvious, but all topics must pertain to an Impossible Bosses game that ended in victory, and only one thread may be made per victory. You may post whatever you like about the victory in its own thread, but you may not make new threads about a victory that has been posted to the Hall of Legends already. If you wish to discuss a victory that has been long forgotten, but are wary of reviving such an old thread, you are welcome to make a new thread in the General Discussion forum with a link to the old victory, and your comments.

All threads made that do not abide by all of these rules will be relocated to the appropriate forum; in most cases, (you guessed it) the General Discussion forum. Consistent creation of topics breaking these rules will result in warnings, and accumulation of warnings will result in temporary or indefinite suspension of posting privileges. If you are here to post your Impossible Bosses victory, we ask that you simply keep these rules in mind before opening your topic. Also, congratulations!



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