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Forum Rules - Read before posting!

Postby CorruptionOfLOL » May 13th, 2012, 1:02 pm

Forum Rules

These "rules" are to be followed as guidelines. While their meanings shall be strictly enforced, their literal text might not always be. There is an amount of Moderator and Administrator discretion in all acts of enforcement of these rules.

The following can be easily simplified into two steps: Read before you think, and think before you post. For those like myself, who are severely lacking of and distrusting in human intuition, or "common sense", this post will go into specifics of the guidelines that are to be followed by all members of the board when communicating with others.

1. Posting Guidelines

No pornography, hate speech, or discussion of illegal activities. I love pornography; three times a night if I can fit it. I also hate everyone whose skin color's frequency has more than a 3hz difference than my own, or whose sex causes them to have larger mammary glands than mine. However, talking about or demonstrating these things in any more detail here will get me soo'd. I DON'T WANNA GET SOO'D, SO DON'T SAY IT HARR, KAY?. Infractions will result in warnings, and accumulation of warnings may result in temporary or indefinite suspension of posting privileges.

No spam or referral links outside of your signature. People are here to talk about Impossible Bosses; not about how easy it is to make money surfing the internet if they sign up under you; nor to see you "BUMP" your post which has obviously fallen down because nobody really cared about it in the first place; nor about your brand new blog about your inconceivably boring life, complete with remarkably unwitty comments about technology and politics. Advertisement and referral links may appear in your signature, which you may customize to your liking here. One exception to this guideline is advertisement of a website related to Impossible Bosses: You are free to share your IB fansite or other such sites wherever and whenever you like, within reason.

2. Signature Guidelines

Signatures are to be no wider than 800 and no taller than 275 pixels. There may be multiple images and lines of text per signature, but all images and text combined are considered as one against the size constraints. Images in your signature or avatar may be animated, so long as they are not deemed disruptive by a Moderator or Administrator. This is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Content of images and text in the signature are subject to all forum rules. You may advertise in your signature with text links or banner ads, so long as they do not lead to websites which contain pornography or condone illegal activities.

Keep these rules in mind when using the Impossible Bosses Forums, and always be aware that everyone is here for the same reason you are: To learn about and talk about Impossible Bosses. Don't be the one that ruins that experience for others.



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