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Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 28th, 2012, 6:54 pm

Hey guys,

So since we lost access to the old channel, I've created a new Impossible Bosses youtube channel that will be dedicated to uploading N+ victory replays and maybe in the future for more video tutorials.

The first video I've created is the replay of N victory by Clan UCIB in version 3R. I've also included some statistics at the end which I hope are sufficient enough.

Please leave your comment and ideas below so I can consider them in the future videos. I will be posting more videos very soon since I have the template to the Opening and Closing for videos.

Click Here to visit the youtube channel. or click the links below to go directly to the videos.

[ImpVidz] Impossible Bosses (V3R - Normal - Clan UCIB)

[ImpVidz] Impossible Bosses (V3R - Normal - Clan UCIB 2)

01/01/11: Impossible Bosses - Basic Startup -
01/01/11: Impossible Bosses Basic Startup (Subtitles) -
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