Ranger (By Beamzerz)

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Ranger (By Beamzerz)

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 20th, 2012, 8:45 pm

This guide has been pasted from the old forums. If you are the person who made this guide and want this post to be under your name then contact me or another admin.
There will be no further additions to this guide unless the original author request it.


VE/E: I'll cover this briefly but the rest of the guide will be for M+. For VE/E ranger's best items are ferocity, standard/fortified armor, and reset charm. Ranger needs to put almost all karma into ability as ability rapidly increases ranger's dps.


Items: Possible strong items for ranger are fero/demise/heart bows, standard/fortified armors, and vitality/reset/hope charms. Demise is useful because adds a decent amount of dps and can clear adds (boss summon units) effectively if used properly. The downside is that it costs ranger 2 karma which could be used for ability or hp. Heart adds 2000 hp and is crucial in helping ranger survive. Standard/Fortified armor should only be taken if heart is not taken. Many players think fortified armor is a poor choice on ranger but if no good hp items have dropped and u finish thunder and fortified armor drops it is a wise choice as it will greatly increase one's survivability.

Overall, however, for M+ ranger should take 1 or 2 of these items and focus on maxing ability. A good starting build for ranger is only taking heart bow and spending all other karma into ability. Reset/Vitality shouldn't be taken because other classes can benefit more from these items. Reset is more useful and vital to priest and vitality is not necessary on ranger as a good player should be able to take a minimal amount of damage.

If your team is steadily reaching ancient melee or demonic then you want to consider fero+standard+hope/surrender. This is currently my preferred ranger build as it has the most potential to win, although it is a more challenging build to use. Be careful using fero bow as it will cause ur rapid fire to last 1.3 seconds longer then normal, thus giving it the 30% more damage. This build gives the potential to do a ton of damage on demonic as well as survive for a long time.

At 20% demonic goes into perma demon form and can make it difficult to rapid fire and this is where hope plays in perfectly. Try to get a rapid fire off and once u finish use hope and your team will have a much better chance of defeating demonic at 20%. Don't be tempted to wait to resurrect as many players as possible with hope because by then it may be too late! Even if you only res 1-2 players they will be able to do more damage then you as your spells should all be cooling.

If heart or other good armors don't drop within the first 4 bosses consider taking vitality/hope/pig and spend another 1-2 karma on hp. Having 3500 hp or more is essential for druid as vera/arijuana can do a full 3000+ damage if it hits you dead on.

Gameplay: At the start of most bosses use rapid right away as most bosses like druid/light only stand still for the first part of the fight. Other good times to use rapid fire are after thunder ult, druid normal form, after light casts heal, during judgment or after ult.

In general ranger needs to use all her spells constantly with the exception of multi/rapid fire. Multi needs to be used whenever 4-6 targets are present, if the boss is about to ult, or every cd if the boss as no adds. Also Ranger needs to keep good distance from the boss preferably ~500 units away.

Fire: Use all your spells as much as possible and collect far coins for the team. I also use auto attack here to get a slight bump in dps.

Ice: Arcana+rapid fire at the start. Save multi/snipe for the trolls and use auto attack on the trolls w/ arcana if need be. If boss is about to ult go ahead and snipe the boss instead of the troll if the trolls are well under control.

Brute: Multi is so important here!!! Arcana start obviously then try to stay near boss and multi whenever an orb is about to hit the boss (as this makes brute invulnerable) or whenever the boss is about to ult. Dont bother using rapid fire as it does ~300 dmg and is a waste of mana. Snipe is good as it deletes a good amount of energy and should be used every cd.

Thunder: Sprint up to boss and rapid fire immediately! Don't even bother with arcana/multi until normal form as it does a small amount of damage. Use snipe on powerslide. Rapid fire after every ult and if it looks good, use multi to unstable a pillar if it's targeted.

Druid: Rapid fire start, save arcana for bear form as normal form reduces 75% magic dmg and multi and arcana are magic damage. Use multi right when guardians appear and hit 3 on the left or right. On bear form stay close to bear and try to multi all the battle enchant orbs that make bear invulnerable briefly and increase his move speed. On bird form I like to snipe the bird as it depletes energy and does full dmg. Don't forget to step on nearby blue runes as these turn into heal orbs during boss ult. When boss returns to normal form make sure the boss is going to stand still and then rapid fire as far away as u can to avoid virtue damage. Also NEVER tank arijuana/starfall with ranger always sprint/d. An extra 500 damage is not as valuable as your life!

Light: Rapid fire start, after Heal V, and during Judgement right after u d. For some reason the boss often stands still for a long time after he ults and after he casts heal.

Water: Rapid fire start, after submerge, or also right after an underthesea if submerge was recent. Typically Ai will cast 2 undertheseas and then cast submerge soon after so keep track of when she last casted submerge. Watch her energy carefully, she always gains 100 energy after underthesea. Typically I use multi right before the last Call the sea add comes up. I do this because Waterseal is usually only casted after Call the sea has finished and u cant damage the adds during waterseal as they have tons of armor.

Shadow: Rapid start, pretty straightforward if u understand shadow. Try to save multi for killing shades/extract soul. Don't rapid fire if more then 4 acolytes are up as u dont want to be on cd during weakened state!! ur dps is crucial.

Ancient: Rapid start, not going to cover all the tricks as they really are more about ancient then ranger. In general try to save multi and snipe for killing owls if u can. I usually multi if lots of adds are present even if it's near roots because adds can do a ton of damage sometimes. On melee form focus on saving multi for owls/killing spirit on top of ancient. Save snipe for owls as now 2 owls will pop up. When boss ults go to the center hugging boss or where no players are and wait until u can hit like 4-5 owls or are about to die to multi.

Demonic: DPS AWAY BABY!! Rapid anytime during normal form for 45-100% hp and start of demon form is often good or right after he teleports.

Hope u enjoyed the guide ^^

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