Everything about Arjuna (By Nolen)

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Everything about Arjuna (By Nolen)

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 21st, 2012, 3:18 pm

This guide has been pasted from the old forums. If you are the person who made this guide and want this post to be under your name then contact me or another admin.
There will be no further additions to this guide unless the original author request it.

In progress

Everything Arjuna-Prepare for terrible, terrible damage!!!!

I want to attend this mini-guide to one of the most-hated spells in Impossible Bosses:
Arjuna,the green wave of death, which seems to eradicate newcomers and skilled players in equal measures. Now it’s about time to change that. There are probably three main reasons that cause a player to die from Arjuna (apart from the obvious reason to fail to D).Those are:

  • Inability to counter a combo Arjuna
  • Nescience of the spell mechanics itself
  • Underestimation of Arjuna’s size&range

While there is not really much you can do about the first issue, except from begging your team mates to counter in time I want to illuminate the two other points and help players surviving Arjuna.

  • The spell mechanic:

Caution!-the following paragraph consists some lame and boring mathematics

As you might know, most of all Bosses spells are to be chosen with certain probability from a spell-pool, once every 5seconds. As for Druid each spell is assigned an integer from 1-4. Arjuna (4) can be found in both spell-pools of Normalform and Bearform. Since there are only four spells available in Normalform (Starfall, Summon Guardians, Virtue, Arjuna) but five in bear form (Fury ,Battlechant ,Slam, Starfall, Arjuna) Arjuna will thus overall happen more often after Druid has summoned his guardians and even more likely in bear form(Arjuna is the only spell asigned to value 4). The spell itself will be announced in dark-grey letters with green dots at the both sides of the word. Meanwhile time Arjuna will divide the area into quarters checking in which part of the map the majority of players is to be found. This will determine from which of the four beacons in the corners of the map Arjuna is going to be released. Also the corner will be indicated by a dark grey coloured X with green dots around that pops up above the choosen beacon. After 1,5 seconds the actual spell is going to start.(and this is where it gets complicated :P )
Note: Any Arjuna within 12seconds of a previous one will be counter able (1,7 seconds time to counter)
This is also true for a combo Arjuna with a bird form in between.


It may surprise you that Arjuna actually does consist of two seperate legs of waves that are released from the beacon and are divided by the small grass verge in the middle :
After the 1,5sec have passed Arjuna will start to create two bars (one for each leg) of small damage dots(360/530) with 100units radius every 0,1sec.The next two bars will be 100units ahead to the centre (radial to the middle) .One can image this as if you would look at the spell in a replay with super low speed. The damage you receive is created by the overlapping of the damage dotsIt scales with the distance from the beacon. Furthermore the lags of the two waves will overlap on the green grass verge between them .This would make a very squarish angled spell pattern-luckily there is a nice sinus-function that gives Arjuna the shape it has ingame.

This is where the mathematic ends, plz make sure to visit it again in half a year the tooth in the upper left corner might become a problem…

Now what does all this theoretical thinkcrafting help us? Let’s draw some conclusions:

  • You do not want to stand on the green path in the middle when Arjuna starts. Due to the overlapping of the two legs you will receive 7-8k dmg,thus an instant death for everyone but a full hp warrior with avatar.
  • The reason why so much people die from Arjuna is that they do exactly what is be the worst thing possible. They try to outrun Arjuna, fail and get hit by multiple waves of damage dots with in a few milliseconds and therefore receive a whole more damage then if they would have just stood still.

  • Unterestimation of Arjunas size&range

Now tha we have understood the spell we want to figure out how to minimalize the dmg taken from Arjuna if we cannot get out of it in time. Therefore we take a look at this picture:

The black lines are equipotenzial surfaces,thus areas with around 100units broadness that deal the same amount to players that pass through them. The farer away from the beacon in the corner the less the dmg value.In order to minimize the dmg taken from Arjuna you need to move perpendicular to those equipotential surfaces and stop before Arjuna hits you.
How do I decide if I can outrun Arjuna or not?
During all your Druid fight you might have actually taken a look on the ground and noticed that the area reveals a bizarre symmetry. But only few actually take advantage of it. Although once you memorized some significant patterns it becomes a lot more easy to evade



Special thx to my clanmate Hatersgonnahate who did not only help me in understanding the spell script but also did a lot of testing and helped me verify the damage distribution of Arjuna.
**********I AM BLIND NOT DEAF***********



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