Holy Seal explanation

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Holy Seal explanation

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 21st, 2012, 5:46 pm


NOTE: This is an old guide but I think it still applies to latest version. I'll try to upload a new image as soon as possible.

Holy Seal is one of Remington the Holy Saint's abilities. When casted a line of [color=#00BFFF]BLUE light crosses the Bosses on the ground and starts circling counter-clockwise around the Boss with him in the center damaging every unit it touches.
After 1 second the color of the light changes to YELLOW and the damage it applies increases and it continues to circle around the Boss for another 5 seconds making the ability to last for total of 6 seconds.[/color]

  • Melee classes just forget about going near the boss and completely backup and try to avoid touching the light.
  • Best way for you to avoid Holy Seal is to move clock-wise so you are in touch with the light for the least amount of time thus taking less damage, except when you are very low on HP and touching the light would kill you.
  • Try to cross the light during the first 1 sceond that it's blue color to take the least damage
  • If you are far from the Boss just get out of the range of the light, but if you are in the middle and don't want to cross the light then move toward the Boss while turning counter-clockwise around the Boss and then cross from near of the boss and continue to turn around him while doing some damage if you can till Holy Seal is finished.

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