20 Extended Tips (By hu4rollz)

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20 Extended Tips (By hu4rollz)

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 21st, 2012, 6:28 pm

This guide has been pasted from the old forums so it could be outdated. If you are the person who made this guide and want this post to be under your name then contact me or another admin.
There will be no further additions to this guide unless the original author request it.

hu4rollz wrote:I wrote this especially to help out players who are starting to be able to dodge effectively, and know how to spam their spells, but don't have much experience playing with good players on normal or hard. If you feel you have a good grasp of the very basics, this is a good list to work on to help you get up to the next level. I've tried to target things that aren't really obvious at first but are really important. Some of these tips can he hard to follow, so don't be discouraged. I honestly still struggle with most of them. In no particular order...
[center]General Tips[/center]
1. Spam your buffs in fights. I'm talking mostly about malice, spirit link, and sacred word. Try to realize when people use their D, like after Arjuna or Blizzard Nova, and be ready to rebuff them. Once you get good at rebuffing with Ice and Priest you will use more mana than you are used to; this is how you know you are doing it right. Malice should be kept on Warrior at all times during Brute, Druid melee form, Shadow, Water, and Light. You should also try to keep it on rogue as much as humanly possible. You can cast it randomly during ults that require speed to dodge. This spell should pretty much always be on cool down.
2. Survival is more important than DPS, but they are both very important. Risky maneuvers to get off an extra skill are usually not worth it. Always be prepared to cancel a Meteor, Res, or Enveloping Darkness if you are in danger. If you are often on top of the overall damage chart after the first four bosses, but you are constantly low on essences in good games, that's a sign that you might want to re-examine parts of your playing style. But noobs, don't read this and think that you should often back away from the boss and don't need to spam. If you are learning you are going to die plenty, and that's natural (ya, we're all learning bla bla, but you know what I mean). Your focus on survival should also be related to the difficulty you are playing (harder difficulty, more survival focus).
3. Group adds together for ease of killing. Adds are anything that tries to kill you in a fight that isn't the Boss, like the wolves on ice and skeletons on shadow. Freezing Field and War Stomp only cover a small area, so it is important to group enemies together so that these players can handle all the adds as quickly as possible. This is accomplished by running towards the Ice Mage or Warrior (Ice Mage is usually better to run to) whenever you have an add attacking you. Too often people panic and run away from the fight with adds on them, which spreads everything out and makes it impossible to kill all the adds quickly.
4. Paladin's Blessing of Salvation (aka reset) is possibly the most misused ability in the game. I can't tell you here exactly when to use it all the time, partly because I don't know and partly because that would take a lot of writing. But I do know you should very rarely be using it on yourself, and some great candidates to use it on are Warrior right after they counter and Priests right after they use Divine Light (aka full restore), especially if they use it on someone else. There are some good boss specific times to use it also, like on Ranger for multishot after the first wave of orbs during druid's ult, or when fighting lightning if someone has to use D right before his ult (like from rupture). Another good time is after a res when there are more people dead.
5. Warriors should be constantly moving.But don't make things hard for your rogue. 7 out of 11 (two for druid) attacks in the game can be dodged by pacing back and forth a small distance from the boss. It is more important to avoid taking this damage than it is to use your normal attack. But confine your pacing to one side of the boss throughout the fight so that the rogue can stay on his back without moving. Against melee bosses, it is usually best to kite in a circle near the middle of the arena so that ranged DPS can stay in a central location and don't need to spend their time chasing instead of DPSing.

6. Potions are usually worth it especially on normal and hard. If getting a health potion will save you 1/10 times, it's still easily worth it. But if it will only save you 1/25 times, it's probably not worth it, so there's a limit. Mana potions are needed quite frequently if you are spamming properly, and it takes some experience to always get the right amount. Just err on the side of having too many, and try to remember when you run out or end the fight with three so you can do better the next time.

7. Always be conscious of team spacing. Spread out reasonably when targeted area effect spells are a threat or room to dodge is required. Get closer when there are less area effect spells and the boss agro is being managed. This will help the buffers and healers. Be aware of where your Priest is. If you have low health, try to make yourself more accessible to him. Heal's range is limited.

8. Always play team first. IB is a team game. Anyone who is decent will respect unselfish play, like getting an energy sap or trees on the right level and letting the items go to the best possible match instead of insta grabbing whatever is useful, more than they care about what happens on the damage charts. IB is a team game.

9. Learn to spam normal heal with Priest and Paladin. Master the cool down. Healing wave should be the filler, not the meat. And don't let your melee duties as pally distract you from your main job (but don't ignore these duties either). Yes, this means you will need mana pots on every level on normal with both classes (except fire with pally. Note there are other levels you can get by with a good team, but mana pots are always the safe option).

10. Communicate. Know the order of Inferno and Oblivion, and always announce them before using. Tell people if you are out of mana or require a reset. Ask questions if you are unsure of the best strategy. If you want to get an item that isn't always for your class, ask (Priest and Warrior always get preference for items). Know the counter order. Use the pause feature if you need to, even mid fight if it is important (like if the order of Inferno/Obliv/Omega is unclear), but always count down before unpausing.

[center]Boss Specific Tips[/center]

Fire: Don't die on fire. Please. Here's all you need to know: Watch flame burst, watch the gigantic fireball, watch the really fast attacking, move out of Flame Turbine, and don't be caught unprepared when the boss dies (warn before Meteor or Enveloping Darkness).

Ice: Don't die on ice. Please. The Warrior should be on a different side from everyone else because of Ice Lance. Ice mage remember to us Insta Cold on anything that moves. D on shatter if you need to (but only at the start of it when he is ulting). Don't get caught too close without D up lest a fast Blizzard Nova gets you.

You can kill the orbs with one hit from your regular attack. People should do this way more often. Also, Quake shows up on the ground before it is cast, although it blends in. You should usually be able to dodge it or D it. Rogue, you may not be able to do much damage, but you can sap a lot of energy with a decent priest/warrior.

Lightning: Don't get hit by seal of time if you can help it. Warrior should stand outside of seal range and trust the priest/pally to do their job since you can't dodge the attack and don't want to move the boss much. FMs, Locks, Priests, Rangers, and Wars should pretty much never be hit by this spell. Just draw a circle in your head the range of seal, and hover just outside it, weaving in to cast a spell. D at the end of rupture every time, but if he's about to ult only at the very last second if it's going for you (easier said than done!).

Druid: Kill all the trees except one (usually keep the right one alive) as soon as they spawn if you are a Mage, Ranger, or Lock, or if you find yourself near one. Someone needs to get energy sap, if you are a mage or lock this means you. Virtue can often be dodged by hugging the boss, although it's safer to just run outside it if you aren't close when it starts.

Shadow: This level is all about survival. Everyone stay in the middle. Ranger save multi for extract soul (you probably know this, but it bears repeating). Malice the person with corruption on them (that small purple thing that follows someone around). Stay close-ish on the ult so that the adds are manageable, but try not to block people. If he lives through weakened state, count the number of times the light goes around him, as it will sweep the arena after about 6.5 times (does anyone know exactly?).

Remember to help the Ice Mage kill the adds by kiting them too him. Ice Mage, also remember that Insta Cold is a great stray add killer, and should be spammed as long as there are adds on the map. Everyone get away as soon as he starts to use Under the Sea, and spread out. Identify where he is popping up right after submerge every time (bubbles appear on the ground). On the ult, you just have to watch the spiraling wave come toward you and predict where one specific near wave is going to go, then step to the side of it as it approaches. And remember that the final wave can take away your D, so move towards it so that you can have more time (it doesn't do much damage when it hits you, just when it breaks on the edge).

Light: The most important thing on light is watching the large orbs move around. Try to track every single one of them, more than you watch the boss even. When he uses Enlightenment, watch the pads on the ground that the little light balls create, and run to the side of where he is focusing them. I like to play this boss with the furthest zoomed out camera so that I can avoid the traveling lightning more easily and always keep the boss in view.

Ancient: If you aren't a counter, you mostly just need to survive and handle adds if that is your job. You can't really fight from close range because of his unpredictable area effect moves. When he uses wither, close in or you will be silenced. You get him into a weakened state by countering revitalize, so Fire Mage and Warlock should be on the look out and close enough to counter. His ult can be handled by Ranger multishotting the first owls and then Warrior taunting and using D.

Demonic: I'm still a noob at Demonic, but here goes... Watch for Red Death, get back as soon as he uses it. Watch for the red exploding orbs. Kill the adds. When he creates lots of images, rogue x in because normal attacking the real one dispels the images. Try to stay out of the diagonal paths from the corners to the center of the map at all times. Countering Drain Life is really important because he kills someone and heals himself for all of their health if it goes uncountered. When he goes into infinity, everyone spread out and switch to the furthest view, and D when the light comes at you.

These are tips, not rules, and I welcome any discussion, comments, and criticisms. I'm sure I'm wrong about some things, and I'll try to edit the post whenever that's the case. I would also like to thank all the great players I've gotten a chance to play with, especially Dem0n and Coors, who have taught me everything I know through a combination of answering questions, leading by example, and occasional but often deserved internet yelling. Also thanks to the crazy Asians for showing it can be done.

I'd like to hear any tips other people have too.
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