Thunder Tutorial (Combustion)

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Thunder Tutorial (Combustion)

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 22nd, 2012, 11:18 am

Notice: I will try to make some new images for this tutorial. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I just wanted to make a short tutorial to show you can avoid Combustion without using D becuase I was bored and I saw Rangerdeath's Combustion thread. So I thought why not :D.
Here we go, I'm going to explain this using a few screen shots. But let me give you a short preview of what I think is the easy way to avoid Combustion without using D:
First for those who don't know what Combustion is, It's when Thunder hits a unstable pillar during his Thunder-Form and then Separate himself to 5 lightning orbs that fly around and then come together while moving toward one random player and when the reach each other, Thunder returns to his Thunder-Forum and does I think about 1500 damage in a very small area.
Ok now we're gonna talk about the strategy and the logic behind this solution. After playing Thunder for a while and seeing Combustion a few times, I've realized how the lightning orbs move so it is easier for me to dodge the end of Combustion using just moving around. If you concentrate during the time Thunder does the Combustion ability you will realize too that when he seperates to 5 orbs they keep a imaginary circle between themselves and when they are coming toward a player they come in as a shape of a circle getting smaller. There are 5 points that make up this circle (Look at below picture)

If you look at this picture, you'll see that the orbs are creating an imaginary circle shape around the Warrior. But this doesn't mean they are going to come down on Warrior, although it could be very dangerous for him to be inside that circle be cause if they start moving toward someone else and if he's still inside the circle the orbs will have a high chance to him hit him on their way and he will take some damage from that. You don't want that do you? now that we got the purppose cleared out let's think of a way for Warrior to reduce the chance of orbs hitting him to almost 0%.
What I'm going to explain here is only for these situations but what you have to do is, learn the logic behind it and apply it into your own game. Anyways let's talk about the Warrior. He's inside the Circle of Death (I call it that ;)) and he wants to escape from any damage that the orbs can cause him. First look where he is standing; He is far to the top right and you can't see any of his teammates on top right so probably all of them are at the other side of the map.
In the bottom picture I've drawn a few directions that the orbs can move that will damage the warrior. But we still don't know who the orbs are going to move toward. so How do you think we can get out of this situation as the Warrior?

My answer is to get out of the Circle of Death as soon as you can. but how? I'll tell you how :D. First lets think of a few ways that Warrior can get out of the CoD (Circle of Death I'm gonna call it CoD cuz it's too much typing and I'm lazy)

First it's to move downwards so he can get out from between the two bottom orbs. do you think that's a good idea? NO that's the worst idea you could think of. Why? Because all of this teammates are at the bottom of the map and if he moves to bottom he will be between all of the orbs and his teammates and that's not where you wanna be.

Another thing he can do is to move to the left and get out of the circle from that side. Now do you think that's a good idea? OMG, WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING? That's a very bad idea. because again he will be between the orbs and his teammates and will be damaged when the orbs will move toward others.

Third thing he can do is to move to the top. Now that we've been so far into the tutorial can you tell if he's doing the right thing or not? Wow, I thought you guys were smarter than that. Ok, I'm gonna tell you the answer. Yes it is a good choice for him because he will be out of the CoD soon and he won't be between any of his teammates and the orbs. Although his circumstance is a little special so If that's me I would move very slowly to the top and stay in the CoD for while if I have to. You ask why? Geez, think for yourself for a sec man. It's because he doesn't have a lot of space at the top to move in and you want to create as much as space in all direction for yourself as possible. and by moving toward top Warrior will reduce his space to move. So What I'll do is to move a little to the top and stay between the two top orbs so if they decide to come toward me I can escape from that space between them.(Look at next picture)

As you can see if the orbs decide to move toward the Warrior he can easily escape from the top because the orbs move quit slowly and he don't predict your movment like the way orbs in Vera at Gaia the Druid Master's bird mode spell do. They attack the point you were before so it's easy to trick them then move out before they hit you.

  1. Move away from your teammates when you see the orbs.
  2. Don't stay between the orbs and your teammates.
  3. Predict the future moves of the orbs and stay where you can dodge the orbs when they move toward a point. (Try to stay between two orbs so when the CoD tightens you can escape from between those two orbs.)

I hope this tutorial will help at least one person out there. I'll be happy if that much is done. Please post any concerns or mistakes in this tutorial. Note that I wrote this out of no where and as a respond to Rangerdeath's thread. Also this is just one person's logic and not an absolute solution.
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