Beginner Guide-Stage I-Belthazar Lord of Flame (by Nolen)

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Beginner Guide-Stage I-Belthazar Lord of Flame (by Nolen)

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 22nd, 2012, 1:12 pm

This guide has been pasted from the old forums so it could be outdated. If you are the person who made this guide and want this post to be under your name then contact me or another admin.
There will be no further additions to this guide unless the original author request it.

Nolen wrote:I decided to start writing a guide for newcomers since I found it very hard to explain the bosses to them, mostly due to the fact there is just so much to explain. Hence I want to provide some basic information on spells and boss behaviour on very easy difficulty.
What do those guides not achieve?
  • Giving you a guarantee for winning lull. If your team sucks, that’s it GG
  • integrity and complete accuracy
  • Providing details on exact mechanism of spells. Go ask Psyris or post in here for such things:
    Some Generel Preinformation:
    [left]The default camera setting is Far. Keep it like this as it will serve you right most of the time.
    So lets say you have made your hero choice and now find yourself in the first prefight-area
    You have used your karma point, fetched some potions from the Zen Master and you got still plenty of time
    till the countdown in the right upper corner goes down to zero.
    Note that all the mana and health you loose on spells in the waiting room will be restored when you enter the boss’s arena,as well as most cooldowns are resetted. So besides senseless wall hacking attempts
    you could do some prebuffing, boosting your team mates chances to survive the next fight.
    The spells that should be casted on everyone are the following:[/left]
  • Ice Armour (Im)
  • Sacred Word (priest)
  • Malice (warlock, only two targets, preferable rogue and warrior)
  • Unholy Power (DK)
  • Enrage Spirit (Fm, use it right before countdown ends)

[left]Use the stop and attack button to cancel animation of buff cast to speed it up.Another possibility would be to activate Ice Armours autocast (don't forget to turn it off again) before fight starts.Remember that those abilities have a certain duration,thus you should not start buffing before the cooldown shows 20sec.
Furthermore some heroes have durance abilities like warrior spirit, Tainted Soul or Backstab which can be activated right before second zero in order to save mana.
Once the countdown has ended you are being teleported to what looks like a nuclear testing area somewhere on an island with volcanic activities. The landlord, a discontented looking Flame Lord Model happily greets you announcing he is going to turn you into his delicious dinner snack.. So here is how you get rid of the Toaster-Guy:[/left]

First of all do not spread out in panic like he would turn you into a squirrel if you don’t corner hug immediately.
Come on it’s just an Impossible Boss-how harming can that be? I have noticed that especially public teams tend to distribute themselves anywhere on the map. Don’t do it. How is your priest supposed to heal you if you’re at the other end of the world?. Just stick together (General advice subject to restrictions).Therefore I will give an extreme example:
No need to cross this marked area (top reserved for rogue), except sneaking for coins hehe.

Here, I will overtake the spell classification from CorruptionofLOL Shadow Guide
Very Deadly Moves -Moves that can and will kill you and all your friends repeatedly if you don't know what you're doing, or make a mistake.
Harmful Moves -Moves that can cause serious damage or even death if completely overlooked, but otherwise fairly easy escape with little to no harm done.
Mostly Harmless Moves - Moves that pose no direct threat to your team. However, ignoring these moves can still have indirect consequences that can lose you the fight.
INFINITY MODE -Moves that are only cast once the Boss' Energy(/Mana) have filled.
Special Abilities - Moves that are only cast under certain unique circumstances.

Note: Boss cast a random spell every 5sec.There is a cap of how often it can use the same spell in row .All Spells will normally be announced above the Head of the Boss.

Sends out up to three giant waves of fire in the direction he is facing, that fly 2,5-3seconds with constant velocity until the hit the ground exploding in a field of Death for 5000dmg. Avoid it by moving of out the target area (preferable to the middle) or use your Protection spell (in future referred to as ”D”).

Watch the giant exploding area and the distance (middle to beacon) from where it has been unleashed

The “Meleekiller”. The boss sends out ~25-35 little firemissiles into random directions. The damage from a missile is not that high however the problem, if you a playing a melee class is, that if you are directly fighting the boss you can easily end up absorbing 10 or more missiles in a sec which leads to instant death. In order to prevent it you run away from the boss as soon as the flameburst text pops out of Belthazars brain and close in again when the missiles are launched(Spell has some delay). You could also simply D it but I don’t recommend it. The reason therefore is that
  1. you will loose all your buffs if you use D
  2. The boss is capable of casting multiple flamebursts in a row, so you will need to do the run-out-close in thing anyway.Often ppl that D the first Flameburst forget about the next and thus die or suffer at least a high amount of damage.

Immediately increases Belthazar’s attackspeed by 200%.Note the boss will rather target someone in around 600 range then a rogue backstabbing him. Hellfire can and will kill you within 2sec if you just stand still. So keep attention and if you youre the current target move keep moving. However plz do not move out of his attackrange cause this can totally screw your melee team mates. Once there is noone else within boss range he will target melees!. That will leave your rogue without any real chance to avoid a 0,5 sec death. There is nothing that can be done for melees themselfes about it.they just have to rely on their team mates to keep the aggro away from them.
An unaware ranger obviously dying from being to much pro

Creates an rotating half circle of deadly fire that turns around the Boss three times, damaging everything in the trajectory. Warning! The radius of the Turbine can vary. Especially very close ones combined with a flame burst attack can cause severe damage. If you’re playing melee class keep your d for those situations. Else it is just moving out. Not really much you can do about it. Though after some gaming experience you will know the common flame turbine radius and be able to position yourself out of it.

Large and medium flame turbine,noob priest

Its raining hot stuff .(Greetings from Vesuv) The boss unleashes a meteor of stone projectiles that fall down from the sky in a quite unpredictable movement. It starts from a given spot and lasts about 6sec.Earlier this spell could be completely ignored. Since it got buffed recently the bigger stones are cabable to actually kill you from full hp if they impact on you. Still a step ahead saves you.

The boss can create little flamestrikes anywhere on the area. Step out of it if you want,else laugh cause the damage is totally hilarious.

**Counterable-Flamestrike V**

Ah finally something interesting. To that point aware fire mages/warlocks/druids and warriors may have wondered what the hell this counterspell/shield bash (F) ability is for that seems to have no use when you cast it on the boss. Now come closer young apprentice I will reveal the mystical here:

Interludium-Principle of Countering:
In Impossible Bosses your opponents have a various arsenal of spells they can revert to to make life hard for you. Among these there are some extra annoying and dangerous.
  • Now here is good news:
A lot of these spells are “counterable”. That means you can prevent them from being cast or significantly lower their durance by interrupting them (channelling spells)
  • And that leads us to the bad news:
If you do not counter them you will get f**** up.Ok, so how does it work?
Well it's simple once you understand it. Non-channeling counterable spells will pop up above the bosses' head just like every other spell would do, but there is a white outline around them. So you can easily regnognize them by colour and name. When the text appears, immediately hit your counterspell/shield bash hotkey and left click on the boss, If you have done it within the limited time that the spell can be countered it will not be casted and you will be rewarded by a nice “countered” showing up above your head in your colour. Channeling counterable spells are normally casted instant but you can counter them while they are active to interrupt them.
Lets get back to topic:
Flamestrike V is the first counterable spell that you will face in IB,yet on sandbox lvl since its not very harmful, so it’s a good warm up to unleash your counter abilities.It is not channelling and it has long enough delay for you to counter it.Nevertheless countering is advised because Flamestrike V creates a couple of Flamestrikes around the boss which are totally blocking the sight and in addition to that deals 1k-1,5k damage if you just stay in its aoe,completly ignoring it.

[size=125]INFINITY STAGE(Ultimate)-Devouring Flames[/size]

There is a information box in the upper right corner of your screen which documents the current %hp, mana and status. Bosses gain 12/24/48 energy/sec based on their status, which updates every 20 sec according to the damage they have received in that amount of However the important thing for you is that once the bosses' energy is full he will enter Infinity stage and cast his most dangerous spell. Bosses will stay invulnerable to any damage till ultimate has ended. Belthazar’s Ultimate mainly consists of three different phases.

At first the boss will gain invulnbility and stand still for for 5 seconds powering up. Then he teleports middle creating orbs of light around him that head to his front and will form a big Sphere of Light for another 5 sec. Note those orbs never hit his back so you can hide there if you are low on hp. However you should positionate yourself in a circle around the light.Do not stand directly on it.

The Sphere will now explode for tons of damage and give birth to another Big Light Orb,while the rest of the area will turn totally dark. The orb will wander around alighting the way. You are absolutely advised to follow it because you will die when you get in touch with the darkness. This is the right time for firemage to activate his enrage spirit. The Light Orb will now wander around for 17 seconds ,changing direction every few seconds (stops for like 0.5 sec before changing direction).During that phase you will suffer a 50 immolation damage every second,caused by the burning Light corona.There is absolutely nothing you can do about that so better share your priest some of your cookies. The Fire Lord himselfs, will not attack but teleport between the 6 circles that are layed around the arena. After a while the Light will suddenly stop moving.This brings us to the third phase of the ultimate:
Light guides the way and Belthazar channels happily in his current beacon.

So now you find yourself under the light. O look there is a bright wave of Fire being unleashed by Belthazar towards you. Its speed is quite high and it will explode on you with a like a million damage –so “D-ing” it is a must.The speed of the wave is based on the distance from the boss so if you are further from the boss it moves fast and if you`re close to the boss it moves slower. Also boss won`t cast the wave if the orbs is in the 250 range of him to avoid killing everyone without enough notice.Still a short distance wave might be harder to avoid due to bnet circumstances.[/img][/url]

Special Move: Final Breath

If you drop The Fire Bosses hp to 0% he will immediately put a revenge on you that will kill unaware players. the words With his last words “Such Power-Must Destroy” Belthazar himself will explode 0.5seconds after death and release a deadly wave of 100000Damage that will extinguish every live in huge aoe. So as soon as the bosses hp goes below 20% move your way out. No really thought you might absolutely see that Bitch Dead, it is not your job to finish him.You have hired these two nice guys to do that for you.Image

Meteor and enveloping darkness can be cast from global thus save distance.Envelopping Darkness should not be used before so keep it for that finishing Move. Ask your paladin to reset Firemage if you have one. Plz announce your meteor/ED by writing “met” or “env” into the chat to warn retarded teammates. Warlock plz be aware that enveloping Darkness drains a lot of your hp so don’t sucide. Upon death Belthazar will drop the Fire Gem
Note the players waiting in save distance,Note the warlock announcing envelopping darkness and note the surge of it on the boss.

Died faster than he expected lul
**********I AM BLIND NOT DEAF***********



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