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Impossible Bosses Lore Discussion

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » July 29th, 2012, 11:40 pm


So it's been a while since we have discussed the IB lore but if anyone is still interested please say so in this thread and we will see what we can come up.
Hey guys, so I was wondering how many people are interested in starting a lore for IB. Honestly I'm not very good at it but I thought maybe other people would be interested and it can add more depth to the game while having fun writing the lore. I also plan on adding it to the IB Wiki. So let's do some discussion on this and see where we'll end up!!??

Alright here is the current available written lores for IB:

Belthazar the Fire Lord:(Edited by NerrowG)
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"It's dark"
"It's dark..."
He reached outward, only to grasp at nothing.
"Why is it so dark?"
"Heed my words Belthazar. If you listen I will lift this shroud of darkness that envelops you."
Belthazar raised his head, straining his eyes to see who the voice belonged to.
"Who is this?"
"I am your saviour; I am your friend; I am your enemy. I am who you call father, and I have the power to help you."
The gloom of this neverending abyss gripped at him. He could feel the icy dread clinging onto his skin. Everything was pitch black and there was nobody else around him, except maybe whoever was speaking to him.
He shook his head violently to force himself to wake up. But, alas. It was not a dream. The lingering sense of despair dragged him deeper and deeper into depression. He just wanted it to end...for this horrendous reality to vanish...
"I will listen... Father."
At the last word of his sentence, a dim light invoked, lighting up the atmosphere. He embraced the growing heat lifting the fear from his spirits. Where was this light coming from? He wanted more...Needed more... Belthazar glanced down at his own body. He gasped when the realised the source of the sprouting inferno.
"What the... why am I on fire?!" He screamed.
Belthazar sank to his knees, frozen with fear.
"Father, save me." He pleaded.
The voice remained ever-so calm. "Look closer, my son."
He looked once more. The amber flames grew larger, licking at his body. There was no pain. As the last of his limbs disappeared beneath the fire, he sucked in the musty air, smiling at the new warmth it gave him It was as if he was the fire itself; The fire feasted on him, and he feasted on the fire. They were one. He could feel the immense power boiling inside him. It was unreal. Belthazar eyed his surroundings.The rest was woodland, but beneath him lay charred trees and grass. He swung a hand in front of him and the rest of the land incinerated into black ash. He had been reborn, and was now stronger than ever. A new determination burned in his eyes.
"What are your orders, Master?"

Selia the Ice Queen(Edited by NerrowG)

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Selia Proudmoore was the youngest child of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, the "Lord Admiral" and king of Kul Tiras. Though a gifted sorceress, her sister's virtues and skill overshadowed her own. Jaina Proudmoore was the apple of their father's eye, and was also one of the greatest magi in the continent of Kirin Tor. Beautiful, Intelligent, Gracious. She had no shortage of suitors. She had also proven to be independent, powerful and a supreme leader. Jaina Proudmoore was a name known to most and respected by all. Selia had always looked up to her sister from the nurturing days, but as people started to think her inferior to her kin, the love she had for her sister began to waver. Even so, Selia continued to love Jaina, at the same time struggling to live up to the expectations of others. All proved futile as she wasn't born with the affinity for magic, or the virtuous character that her sister had.
Years passed by quickly. Selia grew under the watchful eyes of Kael'thas, the King's trusted agent and nurtured into a well-known and powerful sorceress, but still not the great heights that Jaina had achieved. Selia enlisted in her father's army and vanquished the never-ending scores of the Scourge, wheras her sister Jaina took her people and moved over to Kalimdor. In the time of Jaina's absence, Selia rose up to become one of the Kul Tiras army's highest ranking leader. King Daelin began to miss his favourite daughter, and in a moment of reckless love, decided to pay her a visit to Kalimdor. He left Selia to take charge of matter within the Capital city, and took a portion of his army over the Maelstrom, to Theramore, where Jaina resided.
A few months later, the news of Daelin's death by the hands of Rexxar reached Selia's ears. Devastated by the news of her father's death, Selia announced that she would step down and go to a land far away, where she would not recall the incident. Kael'thas persuades her to stay and continue ruling over the kingdom in the name of her father. Jaina was not present to take charge, thus she had to step up as the permanent ruler for the sake of her people.
Peace in the kingdom was restored as the hype over Daelin's death died away. Selia sat in her palace listening to her advisors recite figures and other what-nots regarding the welfare of the land. Out of the blue, the throne room doors swing open, and Kael'thas enters the chamber. Selia glares at his rude intrusion, but chose not to speak.
"My Lady, my Lady..." Kael'thas cried, gasping for breath.
"What dire news is it Kael'thas, that requires such a commotion?"
"My lady, a most unholy and dreadful being threatens to descend upon the city. We have to raise the alarms! Get our men into position, evacuate the citizens, step up the-."
"What? Are you trying to mock my magical prowess Kael'thas? Is it not obvious that if there was any threat, I would have been first to know?" Selia cuts him, off with an arrogant display of her arcane abilities.
"But my Lady. I swear I can feel it closing in on the city. There is no way we can take up arms in time if we don't act quickly."
"Enough of your nonsense. Either way, our circle of magi are busy advancing our research, and we already have lookouts stationed outside the city to spot any single living creature that ventures close. Now begone!" Selia was unaware that her pride in her own magical power was blinding her magical energy senses.
Kael'thas knew that there was already no hope in salvaging the kingdom. He swallowed down his guilt and used his own skills to escape from Kul Tiras alone.
The next day, Kael'thas' prediction began to show. A mysterious thick fog had emerged at dusk. The thick, acrid smoke blotted out any sunlight that would fall on Kul Tiras.
With the blinding fog came a blizzard so devastating, that it wiped out everything in the kingdom. Buildings, animals, citizens; all were crushed under ceaseless waves of hail. Selia watched the chaos unfold from the windows of her palace, unable to lift a finger to save her ruined city. As she sat safe in the recesses of her chambers, her faithful guards stood in front the door to guard her from anything which dared to try taking their Lady's life. But there was little they could do. A rush of freezing air blasted through the hallways, instantly turning them into lifeless blocks of ice. The strong blast of wind blew down the door to her room, exposing her to the carnage she had been ignorant of.
The wind was no ordinary one. As the cold wrapped around her form, it drained all of her energy and left her weak, writhing on the floor. Struggling to raise her head, she caught sight of the remnants of her kingdom before blacking out.
"Are you troubled, my child?" An emotionless voice echoed within her head.
"Please, someone... help me. I'm dieing... Everyone has been killed... What is happening..." Her voice escaped her lips, quivering.
"Calm down my child. Do you want to be saved?"
"Yes, yes! Please, I'll do anything you ask! I would even devote my life to you. Just please, save me..."
Selia could not see, but she could feel an icy smile play at his lips.
"Then your life, shall be mine for the taking..."
Cold and frostbite hounded at her as ice began mounting up in heaps over her body. There was a short, sharp pain, and then nothingness.
Selia blinked her eyes open. Somehow, she felt different from before. What is this feeling...? She lay her hand on the skin of her own arm; it was cold as the surface of a frozen lake. She retracted in shock, mouth agape.
"Am I... Am I dead?" She thought.
"You are not dead, my child" The familiar voice answered her thoughts.
"You were simply reborn. I have given you a part of my own, and now you are a part of me."
The mystery man lay a hand on her shoulder and leaned so close, she could feel his breath on her neck.
"No longer will you be your pathetic past shell. I have awakened your true power."
He paused for a brief moment, then whispered, "Selia, the rightful Ice Queen."
Yes, he was right. Nobody could stop her now. She clenched her fist and watched as relentless magical energy spewed from it.
"Yes Master, I'll do my best"

Gaia the Master Druid:
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Gaia was a name that was forgotten by every being in all the lands. No one knew who was “Gaia the Master Druid”, his legend was long forgotten.
He had lived for so long to see his name fade in the mind of all of the people he had saved. He was the oldest Druid that has ever lived but he felt no joy or
happiness in this life. Even his own children has casted him away because of his powers. His name was not to be spoken anywhere in the land of Lordaeron.
As Gaia felt all the sadness in his heart he walked the land looking for some companion or someone who would understand him.
Gaia meets two creatures who he forms a bond that was closer than brothers. One was a Bear who was injured by the human hunters and Gaia helped him
heal and the other one was a bird who Gaia helped lift his curse. Gaia felt a little of happiness for the first time at long last when he was with those two.
They shared everything together; even though they weren’t blood brothers, they called each other brother.
Until that day, the day that crushed Gaia and brought him to his knees to cruse the Gods. He never saw that day coming even in his wildest drea... nightmares.
He lost his two companions. (Need a story for why they died cuz I can’t think of a good story ? ). Gaia was living in despair and hate. His heart was corrupted
with the thoughts of revenge but he didn’t have the power to go against such a powerful enemy.
“I can give you power.”
He heard the voice in his head.
“And who would be this coward that won’t show his face to me and tells me he can give me power?”
Gaia whispered.
“Hahaha”, The sound of the laughter shock Gaia’s body.
“Those are certainly the word of a wise being.” The sound echoed in Gaia’s ears.
“I’ll say it again, I can give you power to take your revenge.”
“I don’t need you and your powers so leave me alone.”
The sound became silence, but suddenly :
“What if I brought the soul of those two back to this world?” it whispered.
“WHAT? Are you playing with me? How can you bring them back? That’s impossible.”
“I have the power to bring their souls back but without a body they won’t be able to stay in this world.”
“You can really do that?”
Gaia could not believe was he just heard, but his dream of seeing his two brothers was not a dream anymore.
“Alright, but what do you want from me in return?”
“I just need your power to help me bring my dream to reality.”
“Alright, I just need two living beings to use as a body for them.”
Gaia couldn’t imagine his brothers coming back to this world in the body of another living being,
“Use my body”
“It is done"

Post your comments and reversions if you've made any. They are appreciated.
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