Wiki index (IB 1)

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Wiki index (IB 1)

Postby Krucho » August 29th, 2014, 7:44 am

Updated IB 1 wiki in a lot of ways, mostly making information more clear, fixing and adding a few things here and there and removing repetitions (there were a LOT of these).


Belthazar, Lord of Flame
Ai, Serpent of the Sea
Gaven, the Brute
Zephire, the Thunder Lord
Gaia, the Master Druid
Remington, the Holy Saint
Varenel, the Shadow
Selia, the Ice Queen
Ancient Spirit
Pandemonium, the Demi-god

You can compare with IB 2 wiki if you want as they are now very similar and you have nothing else to do

I know it is a bit hard on the eyes right now, mostly because the sections titles aren't in bold. (but I can't fix that need DH)



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