Patch 4.0

Read here for news and important updates regarding Impossible Bosses.
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Patch 4.0

Postby Psyris » July 18th, 2017, 5:59 pm

*An old boss returns from Warcraft as the 5th fight!
*New hero: Paladin
*Adjusted lighting for all boss arenas to make them more vibrant and add shadows
*Healing is now tracked and includes healing from items and souls
*Hero Selection has been updated
*There is now only one Random option and it will pick a unique hero and will never pick a Tank or Healer if one exists
*Fixed bug that caused various heros to appear invisible and other models to appear black (old Priest and Warlock models causing some weird issues)
*Fixed bug that broke all boss hand attachments (most notably Gravelord's weapons)
*Fixed bug on Water's ultimate that caused camera to follow summons
*Normal difficulty is now unlocked to start
*Normal Rank Scoring is now less generous
*Hard life reward is now after the 4th boss instead of the 3rd
*Camera follow is now disabled by default
*Dryad can no longer destroy his own Dream Prison


*You can now carry 3 Enchants
*Knight's Zeal now increases move speed by 20% passively and now activates after taking 500 up from 125 damage
*2 new souls have been added; Celestial and Eternal
*Gaven's Might removed
*Ai's Fluidity now significantly increases move speed after using Mystic Guard
*Elusive Soul now increase move speed significantly and can target allies
*Fairy Soul healing reduced to 225 from 500 and chance to summon reduced to 50% from 60%
*Fairy Soul will no longer heal summons
*Alchemist's Soul max restore lowered to 40% from 60%
*Nayru's Love cooldown reduction per upgrade reduced to 15s from 20s
*Radiant Soul healing reduced to 40 from 60 per sec
*Remington's Divinity now prevents first death from lowering team's Rank
*Black Magic no longer prevents deaths from lowering Rank
*Divine Gift cost increased to 25 from 15 gold
*Spirit Fury cost increased to 40 from 30
*Fixed bug that caused Enchants Sage's Will and Improve Luck to provide a 20% move speed increase
*Improved FX on a few souls and items

Belthazar, Lord of Flame

*Fire Lord arena has a new look
*Ultimate's projectile explosions no longer apply a DoT on Hard
*FLAMETURBINE duration reduced to 5s from 6s and can now spawn at much further distances
*FLAMEBURST can no longer be interrupted
*MAGMABURST; now shows aoe warnings and causes fire to rain down for a brief period. Projectile impact damage increased to 750 from 250 and impact time decreased to 1s from 1.5s

Ancient Spirit
*Ancient Spirit arena has a new look. Spell FX and lighting adjusted
*OMEGACRUSH now does 750 impact damage and can land much closer to boss
*WRATH movement speed and collision size increased. Duration reduced to 5s from 7s
*ANCIENTBLAST - boss will now pick a target (not tauntable) and lockon before the beams emerge
*Ultimate owls spawn further out but move quicker
*Trees are now fully grown instead of saplings when created
*SPORE damage increased to 750 from 450 and and now creates 6 trees
*SPORE now slows by 20%
*Normal+:NATURESGRASP will now cause Ancient's next attack to be empowered
*Hard+: Whenever Root/Spiritbind debuff expires, Spore will be applied
*Boss will now wait to ult if Root was just cast

Vale, Lord of the Depths

*Arena has a new look. Spell visuals have been adjusted
*WHIRLPOOL will now only target a hero once every 30s if there are other targets
*WATERASPECT cast time lowered to 1s from 1.5 and can no longer be interrupted. Impact damage increased to 3000 from 2000
*WATERASPECT now has homing while at great distances (if you are at a distance where the homing would activate, it can still be avoided without using any abilities)
*Tornados speed increased and impact damage increased to 2000 from 1250
*Hard: VORTEXES spawn frequency increased

Rayel, Hellfire Succubus

*Imps size increased
*Fixed Galthaus broken attack animation
*Galthaus' ranged attack damage increased to 375 from 150
*Galthaus' MOLTENRUSH impact damage increased to 750 from 0 and will now pushback slightly
*MOLTENMAW damage increased to 1500 from 800 per sec

Narthuul, Gravelord
*Increased damage on various abilities
*Ultimate will no longer lower maximum life of every hero by 250 and will no longer apply chains at the very start
*Chains can no longer be activated by summons
*Chains no longer slow but will now link you to the boss and keep you near him
*Chain links will last until the boss uses his Ultimate where he will pull chained heros inward and lower their life permenantly by 500 (can stack 4 times)
*Chain damage per sec lowered to 25 from 125
*Boss will now instantly chain players in the second phase
*RENEWAL will now only cast if at least one hero is chained and will deal damage to chained heros
*VANQUISH will now chain players to the boss
*RAISE cast time lowered to .75 from 1.5
*GRAVESTRIKE damage increased to 3000 from 2000
*REND now has a duration of 3.5s and will change direction towards a hero after 2s or any wall impacts (it is very deadly if near a wall)
*NETHERTRAP; cast time lowered to 1.5s from 1.75s, can now be cast at range, can no longer be interrupted and a warning indicator added
*Ultimate sword swing now does 4K up from 2.75K damage
*Pestilence clouds will no longer move through walls
*Gravelings scale increased

Atomsk, Spiral King

*Fixed rare bug that prevented boss from regenerating energy during final phase
*Standing near Atomsk during ult is now dangerous
*SUPERNOVA life increased to 250 from 225
*BLACKHOLE damage increased to 3000 from 1250
*Atomsk is now invulnerable at 100% energy

Athyris, Dream Eater
*Significant changes

Ensiga, Phantom Dragon
*Significant changes

*Warlock, Priest, Battle Master, Ranger and Ice Mage have new models
*Improved FX for most heros
*All projectile line target abilities have significantly increased cast range
*Increased attack range on basic projectile attacks
*Added targeting assist searches to any direct target abilities missing them (almost all abilities aside from heals) and improved ones that already had them
*Targeting assist searches will now cause you to cast on target instead of missing if target moved from away
*Increased the volume on many hero sounds and changed a few
*Boss and hero damage text is now more vibrant
*Self Cast hotkeys can now be set in Hotkeys > Global > "Self Cast Keys". I don't think there's a way to have these set by default. I'd reccommend using ALT + "ability key".

Fire Mage
*Molten Tomb now has map-wide cast range and no longer requires a target
*Mana Void cast range significantly increased, will no longer cancel if target moves too far and will now restore 75% of your mana regardless of target
*Ignite Spirit; cast range significantly increased, movement speed boost increased to 3 from 2.8 and now grants immunity to slows
*Meteor; aoe increased, damage increased to 420 from 400 and is now 3 hits

Battle Master
*Expose Weakness now has map-wide cast range and no longer requires a target
*Expose Weakness Vulnerability increase lowered to 20% from 25%
*Slaughter aoe increased to 4.5 from 3
*Assault is now a leap attack with a short travel time and cast range increased to 12 from 8
*Battlecry will no longer interrupt movement and speed bonus increased to 2 from 1.4
*Outlast can now be cast while Slaughter is active

*Shadow Step cooldown increased to 12 from 9, but no longer requires an ally target
*Siphon Soul will now remain locked onto an ally regardless of distance
*Siphon Soul damage lowered to 110 from 210 and Life Steal damage increased to 100 from 50
*Enveloping Darkness; damage increased to 450 from 390 and mana cost lowered to 50 from 75
*Enveloping Darkness will now prefer enemies closest to the center of target instead of highest life and will not target an enemy more than once if it will kill it
*Tainted Soul now converts 600 life into 200 up from 140 mana and can no longer kill the Warlock

*Virtue mana cost increased to 18 from 12
*Treants now have a very low target priority and in most cases will be ignored by the boss

Ice Mage
*Frost Nova aoe significantly increased and no longer has a target cap
*Frost Armor now grants 50% damage reduction for 2s instead of 1s of invulnerability and duration reduced to 20s from 30s

*Arrow Rain; cast range increased to 20 from 15, aoe increased significantly and no longer has a target cap
*Agility now provides a greater speed increase on use
*Preperation cast range increased to 20 from 8 and can now be cast without interupting movement or casts
*Rapid Fire total damage increased to 600 from 500 and now has a base cooldown of 5s down from 30s, however each arrow fired will increase the cooldown by 1.25s
*Life increased to 3000 from 2750

*Shine now also heals allies passed through for 215 and aoe increased
*Divine Spirit; cast range increased to 20 from 12, cooldown lowered to 45 from 55 and can now instantly revive a fallen ally with 50% life

Sea Witch
*Soothe healing lowered to 270 from 420
*Forked Lightning; cooldown increased to 28 from 16 and damage lowered to 250 from 300
*Torrent mana cost increased to 50 from 40

Dragon Knight
*Soar cast ranged increased to 20 from 16
*Feast cast time lowered to .5s from 1s
*Whelp attack ranged increased to 15 from 12
*Dragon form attack range increased to 15 from 7 and attacks now restore 160 life

Cursed Knight
*Fixed bug that prevented Skeleton from keeping boss taunted



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Re: Patch 4.0

Postby Dugong » July 19th, 2017, 4:02 am

Hoooooooly shit these patchnotes

That looks like SO MUCH work, man. Thank you so much for doing this.

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Re: Patch 4.0

Postby Fatline » July 24th, 2017, 9:11 am

GJ. i wish the cn ver. could be updated soon :D :D :D :D :D

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Re: Patch 4.0

Postby Psyris » July 26th, 2017, 2:31 pm

It's coming soon, just having some issues publishing to China specifically.

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