Patch 4.5

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Patch 4.5

Postby Psyris » August 2nd, 2017, 1:57 am

China version is now up to date (even though it will show as 4.0).

*Best Clear times reset
*Fixed potion stock issues on continue
*Fixed bug that caused healing not to count for the caster of HoT abilities (Sea Witch, Warlock, Priest, Dryad)
*Fixed issues that caused random move orders
*Fixed bug that prevented Ranger's Preperation from reseting cooldowns on Interrupts
*Divine Spirit can now be used on chained heros
*Priest now has a sleep counter on Dream Eater
*Phantom Dragon's arena cam can now be panned to the bottom

*Increased restock rate for Arcana pots on E/N
*Celestial Soul now has a clear indicator for when your next attack will trigger the effect
*Added cooldown indicator for Guardian Soul

Selia, Ice Queen
*Hard+: ICELANCE shards now have 300 up from 75 life
*Hard+: Significantly more ice will be created if SHATTER or HIDDENFROST haven't been cast for awhile
*Normal+: Energy regen increases by 1% for final phase
*End-phase and Ultimate blizzard weather damage increased to 50 from 20 per sec
*Improved performance of BLIZZARD

*Basic ranged attacks will now deal full damage to ice and sleep prisons

*Heaven's Wrath; cooldown lowered to 24 from 30, travel speed increased and will now seek out the closest targets instead of boss
*Divine Fury total life restore per attack increased to 500 from 400 and attack damage now increases by 65 up from 40
*Exodus can now only be cast once per fight and will now also restore 1000 life to living heros. Life will not be consumed if only 2 players are revived

*Serenity cooldown increased to 75s from 60s



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Re: Patch 4.5

Postby Fatline » August 4th, 2017, 4:09 am

Thx for the update :P
we found some error in Paladin's hotkey,it couldn't be use
adn yestaurday we reached the Spiral King(hard)

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