Patch 4.6

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Patch 4.6

Postby Psyris » August 17th, 2017, 4:31 am

•Fixed bug that caused Potions to sometimes vanish or have higher stock on Continues
•Fixed bug that caused Ensiga's heart to appear in Dragon form
•Fixed bug that prevented Ensiga from being interruptible while his heart was out
•Fixed bug that made Ensiga's HAVOC end immediatetly if he was too close to edge of arena
•Ensiga will no longer change his facing angle if a summon with taunt dies during HAVOC chargeup
•Unholy Shroud ally healing will now count for the Cursed Knight
•Divine Spirit can now be used on Chained heros
•Paladin's Blessing of Protection should now always protect Atomsk's Sorcerers from death
•Ranger's Prepreation should no longer fail to reset
•Resourceful Soul no longer gives 500 life while active and no longer affects item cooldowns
•Guardian Soul and Molten Soul will now show their cooldowns
•Molten Soul will no longer damage the Warlock

•Nayru's Love: improved FX visibility

•Enveloping Darkness damage lowered to 390 from 450
•Life Steal damage lowered to 85 from 100 and healing lowered to 250 from 360

•Summon Guardians cast range incresed to 15 from 10 and cooldown lowered to 6s from 12s; treant attacks will increase the CD by 1s
•Forest Sprites cooldown lowered to 12s from 24s; its cooldown will now increase by 1.5s for every owl that hits a target
•Forest Sprites now drains 8% energy and is now a point target that will summon a circle of owls before converging on target area
•Barkskin cast range increased to 20 from 12
•Grace cast range increased to 20 from 16

Dragon Knight
•Soar travel speed increased and cast range increased to 24 from 20

•Leap of Faith travel speed increased

Selia, Ice Queen
•Trolls are now Revenants with a death sound and quickly explode into ice projectiles when killed
•FROSTMARK will now also create 5 ice shards around target



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