Patch 4.7/4.8

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Patch 4.7/4.8

Postby Psyris » August 25th, 2017, 6:09 am

•Fixed bug that sometimes caused Continue to fail with a blank screen
•Fixed bug that sometimes caused Ranger's Reset to fail if targeting assist was used to cast it
•Lord's Madness can no longer kill the user while locked inside a dream/ice prison
•Varenel's Shadow will no longer convert Warlock's Tainted Soul damage into life
•Rayel's ultimate no longer has the potential to last a really long time
•Feast no longer does extra damage to the Dragon Knight if he is Entranced

•Celestial mana restore increased to 35 from 20
•Elusive Soul will no longer interrupt casts or movement
•Ai's Fluidity now lasts 5s up from 3s
•Resourceful Soul now only lowers the cooldown of non-damage dealing abilities and no longer has a damage penalty
•Molten Soul damage lowered to 70 from 100

Narthuul, Gravelord
•Will now cast another ability if GRAVELINGS is interrupted
•RENEWAL is now cast following an ability instead of being a lone cast

Ensiga, Phantom Dragon
•Dragonstones and Heart are now affected by Vulnerability


Dragon Knight
•Feast is now an instant cast and cast range increased to 15 from 12
•Soar cooldown lowered to 12 from 16 and no longer has a target cap

Cursed Knight
•Charge cooldown increased to 16 from 12

Sea Witch
•Forked Lightning will now restore 10 mana for each target killed

•Serenity mana cost increased to 60 from 40



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Re: Patch 4.7/4.8

Postby acehart » April 22nd, 2019, 12:46 am

where's the download link?

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