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Welcome to the new forums!

Postby CorruptionOfLOL » May 2nd, 2014, 6:11 pm

In anticipation of the upcoming Starcraft II release of Impossible Bosses, the Impossible Bosses Forums have been upgraded! Note that your user accounts and posts have not been migrated, and you will need to register a new account on these forums to participate! You can access the old forums from the Portal, under the appropriately named "Old Forums" link. You may also click here.

Note that the forums are now primarily for the discussion of the Starcraft II map, Impossible Bosses. All discussion of the old Warcraft III versions should take place in the Warcraft III Impossible Bosses section of these forums.

In a short time, the old forums will be locked from new registrations and posts. Much, much later they will be removed entirely. Enjoy them while they last and save any of your favorite old posts while you still can.



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