Patch Notes 1.1

Read here for news and important updates regarding Impossible Bosses.
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Patch Notes 1.1

Postby Psyris » May 17th, 2014, 10:44 pm

•Hero Selection: You can now see the hero's your allies are viewing
•Shop UI: Several items are now hidden by default on Easy and Normal, but unlocked as you defeat bosses.
All items will be unlocked after the 2nd boss.
•Shop time on Easy and Normal increased to 90s from 60s after a boss fight
•Easy bonus life reverted 1750 up from 750
•Easy: Bosses have more health, however Vulnerability kicks in quicker and can stack higher
•Added tooltips to difficulty selection
•Fixed overlapping names for ally inventory view

Rayel, Hellfire Succubus
•Easy: Charmed Demon will teleport less
•Easy: DEMONCALL will cast less
•FIRETRAP orbs made more noticeable

Battle Master
•Assault damage lowered to 90 from 125 and from 200 to 160 against targets under 20%
•Slaughter damage lowered to 650 from 750



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