Patch Notes 1.2

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Patch Notes 1.2

Postby Psyris » May 22nd, 2014, 4:08 am

•Game will now reset to difficulty selection after a Victory or Defeat endlessly
•Can no longer select more than 1 hero
•Heros will no longer sometimes play standing animation after dying
•Player name tag no longer displays if a player leaves
•Arcane Soul now shows a visible icon when active

•Sinner's Soul now always has highest target priority

Vale, Lord of the Depths
•Wall impact stun duration lowered to 1.5s from 2s
•ULT: Boss will not target heros recently slammed aganist a wall
•OVERFLOW; rotating orbs no longer killable, channel time lowered to 3s from 4s, and will now restore 20% energy per sec
•Hard: Energy orb creation rate increased

Rayel, Hellfire Succubus
•Charmed Demon will no longer sometimes phase into the arena while Rayel is in it
•Rare bug that caused a double ultimate should be fixed

Ancient Spirit
•Ancient's Spirit can no longer link trees



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