Patch Notes 1.3

Read here for news and important updates regarding Impossible Bosses.
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Patch Notes 1.3

Postby Psyris » May 29th, 2014, 9:19 am

•A new boss has been added! He is the 5th boss and is playable on all difficulties, making for a total of 7 playable bosses!
•Skull now appears above dead heros with no lives
•Warlock's self-damage is no longer increased by Entranced debuff
•Difficulty selection: Unused votes now default to highest difficulty that person has unlocked (was previously always Easy)
•Bosses are now in tiers. After reaching a tier, you can play bosses within it in any order
Tier 1: Ancient Spirit / Lord of Depths
Tier 2: Hellfire Succubus / Gravelord
More tiers will be added later

•2 new Souls have been added
•Brave Soul and Gaven's Fortitude have swapped effects
•Resourceful Soul cooldown rate increase now caps at 200% down from 300%
•Prophet's Foresight increase per level now matches its tooltip

•Now passively regenerates 2% energy per sec
•Chains now restore 2% energy per sec

Dream Eater
•Move speed increased while in NIGHTMARE form

Phantom Dragon
•PHANTOMLANCE should now deal damage
•Fixed bug that prevented end-phase ability RUIN from being cast

Battle Master
•Slaughter damage lowered to 540 from 660



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