Patch 2.0

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Patch 2.0

Postby Psyris » September 3rd, 2014, 4:49 am

So I finally got it released. No class or boss additions unfortunately. Lack of models is still an issue for classes, however I do have a boss in early development, but I wouldn't expect him for awhile.

*Boss life is now visible
*Heros now have 1s of invulnerability after being revived
*Hero abilities that directly target allies now have a small search area
*Boss warning areas are more visible on low graphics settings
*Bosses now flash while casting interruptible abilities
*Many boss abilities with a cast time under 1s can no longer be interrupted
*Normal difficulty; Vulnerability now takes 60s (was 45s) to kick in, bosses have roughly 1000 more life, and lives now cap at 1 and are awarded every other boss fight
*Rank D now awards 15 (was 20) gold. Rank F now awards 10 (was 15)
*All known bugs have been fixed
*Passive Souls now prioritize inventory slot 5 over 4

*Fortitude damage reduction increased to 200 from 175 and cooldown lowered to 6s from 7s
*Sage's Will mana increased to 100 from 75 and mana restore on attack incresed to 5 from 2
*Black Magic life per kill increased to 125 from 80 and mana to 10 from 0
*Belthazar's Rage cost lowered to 30 from 35 and life reduction lowered to 500 from 750

*Brave Soul is now a Boss Soul
*New Basic Soul added
*4 new Boss Souls have been added
*Frightened Soul will now activate if 150 (was 500) damage is taken or prevented in a single attack
*Arcane Soul time till activation lowered to 5s from 6s
*Pandemonium's Void now does its damage over 4s from 5s
*Guardian Soul base cooldown lowered to 65 from 70 and duration increased to 1s from .5s
*Sinner's Soul duration increased to 6.5s from 5s, but life reduced to 2000 from 3000
*Selia's Will base damage lowered to 100 from 250
*Lord's Madness can no longer reset the cooldown of items

Lord of the Depths
*Ultimate: Slam aoe is slightly larger, but has reduced pushback based on distance
*WATERASPECT impact damage increased to 2000 from 1250 and travel damage to 1000 from 750

Hellfire Succubus
*Charmed Demon will teleport more consistently
*Hard: While Charmed Demon is alive, Rayel will ocassionally apply 1 unavoidable stack of seduce to a hero (this can be taunted)

*Passive energy regen lowered to 1% from 2%, but now increases by .5% with each revive
*BLIGHT duration lowered to 5s from 6.6s and can no longer be double cast
*Ultimate: Pestilence clouds are now cleared with a new attack
*Ultimate: Pushed heros can no longer be chained
*Gravelings move speed increased and attack damage increased to 150 from 50
*GRAVESTRIKE damage increased to 2000 from 1250

Spiral King
*GRAVITYFLUX will not cast if a SUPERNOVA star is active
*Hard: SUPERNOVA will cast more frequently

Dream Eater
*Dreamform abilities (besides MINDROT) now deal significant damage, but are incapable of killing
*MINDROT will no longer sometimes restore players mana

Phantom Dragon
*Various ability and mechanic adjustments



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Re: Patch 2.0

Postby Krucho » September 3rd, 2014, 8:00 pm

Nice, I love the enchants buff and gravelord more minion-focused tweak!

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Re: Patch 2.0

Postby Rdy » September 4th, 2014, 6:26 pm

I'll update things later.

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Re: Patch 2.0

Postby Inkling » September 7th, 2014, 11:53 pm

All of these are great changes, thanks Psy!

Except "Hero abilities that directly target allies now have a small search area" :(

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