Some soul suggestions

Discuss the ways in which Impossible Bosses could be improved.
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Some soul suggestions

Postby Ryudem » April 10th, 2017, 6:15 am

I thinked in some souls that maybe you can add in a future, is up to you if you want or not. But maybe is helpful.:

Probaby need some balance in numbers.

Blazing soul-Give you an aura that did 10 damage per second near you. Each level increase area and damage.

Preparation soul-Every second you dont atatck increase 3% damage of next attack or skill capped at 90%. Each level increase 1% damage increased per seconds and max.

Dissapear soul-On use make you invulnerable 4s and let you go through enemies and allies but you cant attack or use anything. Cooldown 90 seconds, each level reduce cooldown.

Brute soul-Increase in 10 your basic attack damage and make it do 50% of splash damage. Each level increase bonus and splash damage.

Greedy soul-Increase gold gained per fight in 10. Each level add 5 extra gold.

Mirror soul-On use repeat an skill you used before with no cooldown or cost. Cooldown 120 each level reduce cooldown.

Death soul- Give you 30% damage reduction but reduce all healing on you 50%. Each level give more damage reduction.

Unstopable soul-Reduce the duration of all silences, stuns or similar in 50% and heal you 300 health when one of it hit you with a cooldown of 15. Each level reduce more % and increase healing.

Protector soul- When you use mystic guard give allies and you a shield for 500 damage if they are close to you. Shield last 5s. Each level increase shield power.

Extreme soul- When you have 40 mana or less you did 30% extra damage or healing. Each level increase mana needed to active in 20.

Rage soul-Use it on you or an alliey to increase its attack speed in 100%. Cooldown 50. Each level reduce cooldown and increase bonus.

Absorb soul-Every 2000 damage you do make an explosion on big area surrounding yourself that deal 400 damage. Each level increase damage of explosion and area.

Time soul-On use stop time 2s making all enemies invulnerable, but all your allies and you can move and boss skill will stop. Each level increase duration, 90 cooldown.



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Re: Some soul suggestions

Postby Psyris » April 12th, 2017, 1:33 pm

I dig the time soul, though it'd be a bitch to implement.

I'll take a look at this again when I decide to add more souls.

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Re: Some soul suggestions

Postby Fatline » April 14th, 2017, 3:26 am

Psyris wrote:I dig the time soul, though it'd be a bitch to implement.

I'll take a look at this again when I decide to add more souls.

Sounds great. But Point are useless when you get full of souls and upgraged them. So we have nothing to buy before Atosmk, Dream Eater or Dragon without some scolls or potions.

We played last weekend, and found out the soul, Gaven's Might, was the most important soul in all.
Half of our dmg were caused by Gaven's Might. For Ex: Our Ice Mage took this soul and she caused 17884 dmg at
rayel. Fire Mage was 2nd and caused 7000+.

BTW, we are looking forward to new patch :D

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