WC3 Massive Overhaul Needed

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WC3 Massive Overhaul Needed

Postby daveshan » December 25th, 2015, 3:21 am

Just played my first couple games and I love the concept. I love how new it is. And I love how it's doing something with the map editor that isn't just a TD or 5 heroes v 5 heroes.

That being said, I found a lot of problems with it. Especially for new players.

1. Tell the Player They Can Dodge Spells

This is not intuitive for a first timer. In WC3, nearly every spell or ability will hit when cast. New players need to be told very clearly that, just because a spell is cast, doesn't mean it has to hit.

2. Get Rid of Flavor Text in the Spell Descriptions

The game moves fast and you have little prep time and pick time. Looking over my spells, I don't have time to read something like:

"The mage charges a lightning bolt for 4 seconds and hurls it at the target. Lightning bolt does 50 initial damage and then 10 damage each second. Lasts 8 seconds."

In the short span I have to look at the items I can buy, look at the upgrades available, ask people what's best, and then try to dodge spells, that is way too long to read.

A better format would be this and color coded in such a way:

"Type: Lightning
Charge: 4
Initial Damage: 50
Lingering Damage/Time: 10/8 sec
Additional Effects: None"

Not only is that easier to read, but now I know, right away, every time I look at a spell, that's the format. I won't even have to look at the words 'type' and 'charge' anymore. I'll know the order they're in and the color that they are. Quick and simple way to get a lot of information.

3. Starting View is Very Far

Made it hard to see things clearly. Just far was the best to start from.

4. Making the 'esc' Key the View Changer

Esc is what you press to cancel a spell. If I picked the wrong spell, I have to pick a view before I can control my character again. In a game that revolves around spells, that was a huge peeve.

5. Spell Icons Aren't Intuitive

Again, as a newcomer, when I have to pick a character fast, I'm glancing over spells. And the icons you use for the spells don't always convey their meaning. Don't use an icon Blizzard chose for a magic immunity potion as an icon for a damaging spell. The healing spell on the Necromancer (if it was that, there was too much text for me to decipher) did not look like the icon of a healing spell. The Essence of Blight that Obsidian Statues use would have been a lot more intuitive.

6. Custom Control Board has to Go

Or at least not be default.

This is a new game. It's fast. It's got a lot thrown at me right away. The last thing I need is to look down at where I'm used to clicking 'move', 'stop', and 'attack' and seeing icons I don't recognize and a control board that has a custom skin to it. I know it's an ascetics thing, but it distracted me quite a bit. And, as mentioned, with all the information I need to digest quickly, that distraction is me dying early and not having as much fun in the map as I could have.

If some people like the custom skin. Make it optional to switch on. I'm just telling you, as a new comer, it was a turn off.

7. Item Info

The potions were labeled nicely and neatly. But the scrolls weren't. Again, too much flavor text and cluttered up info.

8. Circles of Power Weren't Clearly Labelled

This might have been because the view started very far, but the circles of power that you use to up hp or mana or move speed aren't easy to read. Grey text on that kind of surface doesn't stand out.

9. Boss Icons that Give Details

When you click on a boss and you see the icons that give details about the boss, what they're weak to, resilient to, what effects they're under at the moment... All that is nothing I have time to read. I didn't even bother clicking on the boss and looking for anything until I was dead.

I think a better way would be to give those details before the battle starts while in the lobby where you upgrade and buy potions. Of course, this could be turned off in high difficulty settings.

That's all of it. Honestly, this is a really fun game and I was glad to play something that was really working to make something out of the War3 map editor. Lord knows creativity like this was long overdue. Fire Mage is my favorite so far. Love that meteor spell from anywhere.



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Re: WC3 Massive Overhaul Needed

Postby Fatline » December 30th, 2015, 11:55 am

Good idea but there is no V3W

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