Starcraft 2 Patch 3.0 Bugs

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Starcraft 2 Patch 3.0 Bugs

Postby Onslaughter » October 12th, 2015, 6:38 pm

The recently added patch 3.0 to Starcraft 2 has caused some bugs to appear.
Please note that I play the game on all low graphic settings, so some of these might not occur for the higher settings.
1. So far i've seen both Fire Mage and Cursed Knight appear invisible at the start of a game. This ends whenever the player dies and respawns and become visable again.
2. Warlock's R ability only grants movespeed now and doesn't teleport them at all.
3. The floor in the Shopkeeper area has disappeared and can be seen through.
4. The game has gotten a whole lot brighter, especially the shopkeeper area.
5. When Gravelord uses Doom, it will cause his sword to either disappear or bend in a random direction until he has finished casting.
6. Ancient Spirit's Ancient Blast will sometimes appear as though he is pointing in one direction, but he is actually pointing in the exact opposite direction.
7. There's a minor visual change in the class select screen as well. There are 3 random circles in the middle of the screen, i'm guessing they're suppose to be around the Attack, Heal, and Tank text and they just got shifted a bit up and to the right.
8. The dice on all of the random class options in the class selection screen have shrunk.
9. I got Vale stuck in a wall when he chased me with Water Aspect. This caused his Deluge to not launch any missles at all.
10. When Rayel spawns hearts in the lava during the fight with the Charmed Demon, the hearts don't spawn at all.
11. Minor thing but the tip message on the loading screen just says LoadingScreen/Tip

This is all i've found so far, i'll report more bugs as I find them. If you need some screenshots, I can go get some from my replays.



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