Collection of 4.8 Bugs

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Collection of 4.8 Bugs

Postby kami » June 15th, 2018, 5:37 pm

The majority of these reports can be credited to REX/Mars, but I went ahead and compiled them here for you to see. I will try to update this will replays, but I think the forums will restrict me due to file size.


[1.1] There is a wall on the south east side of the arena that players can walk through.

Ancient Spirit

[2.1] Ancient Spirit will occasionally get stuck facing a wall and his AI will bug out. After a while, he usually returns to focusing the players.


[3.1] It is occasionally possible to expend to of Vale's Wateraspect impacts on a single player (twice in a row). Unsure how to reliably reproduce.


[4.1] Little imps can get stuck mid jump. Unsure how to reproduce.


[5.1] Game ending bug can occur when trying to "Continue" against Selia. We believe this occurs when the players simultaneously die and kill Selia, but I believe we have seen it happen in other instances as well.
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[5.2] Selia's Blizzard Nova continues to fall even after she is killed. Though, this may be intentional.


[6.1] Narthuul can disable blink and dash abilities when a hero is chained while being pulled to the boss, although this may be intentional.


[7.1] The Supernovas sometimes will get stuck on the outer edge of the arena.
[7.2] Occasionally, Atomsk will regenerate a large amount of energy per second, even when sorcerers are alive
[7.3] Game ending bug can occur when trying to "Continue" against Atomsk. We believe this occurs when the players simultaneously die and kill Atomsk, but I believe we have seen it happen in other instances as well.


[8.1] Players can glitch Athyris and skip the Ensiga boss fight to clear Hard mode
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[8.2] When Sleep hits players and Dryad's treants Athryis' Nightmare cast cannot go through until the prisons are broken.
[8.3] Heroes can be revived during Nightmare with Eternal soul or revive. Though this may be intentional.
[8.4] If a player is freed from Sleep prison in the Dream phase just before Athyris casts Nightmare, the player will be free to move with 0 curse overhead during Nightmare phase.
(892.53 KiB) Downloaded 480 times


[9.1] When entering phase 4 (human form), Ensiga can retain his invulnerable status. It fixes itself after spell cast but some damage output is lost.
(1.1 MiB) Downloaded 441 times

[9.2] Occasionally, players in the center of the arena will be thrust to the outside as soon as Ensiga casts Ruin. This usually results in the player being subsequently hit and killed by Ruin.


[10.1] Dryad can cast his [W] spell consecutively without consuming mana. This can be reproduced by Shift-Click queue on an unbound space and it will not apply cooldown or expend mana.
[10.2] Dryad [W] disappears mid-flight on death and when selecting the shopkeeper. The owls will also disappear if Dryad hits a wall when fighting Vale. It also occurs when Dryad is affected by a "lifting" boss spell, such as Water Aspect impact or Athryis Nightmare warp.
[10.3] Dryad can [R] to dodge Atomsk ult.

Cursed Knight

[11.1] It is possible to use counter while in the middle of dashing with [R]. This will cause the counter to do nothing but go on cooldown.


[12.1] Warlock can escape the shop area and walk on the clouds and through pillars. This can be reproduced by blinking top-left behind the pillar.


[13.1] Dying in the shop area results in loss of rank
[13.2] Dying solo in the shop area shows the continue screen
[13.3] It is possible to use a scroll in the shop area such as Ultima / Omega / Spirit Fury. Steps to reproduce are to click on a soul icon in your inventory twice and then the scrolls will now be active. This also affects Active souls and the charge is not restored at the start of the boss fight.
[13.4] If the Shaders option in SC2 is set to low, the player will be unable to see the Atomsk stars that are spawned from projectiles entering black holes.
[13.5] Basic souls display as 1/3 in the inventory sidebar to other players even when fully upgraded.
[13.6] Sinner's soul can be cast outside the arena, but will do nothing and the soul will go on cooldown.



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Re: Collection of 4.8 Bugs

Postby Dem0n_Hunter » December 5th, 2018, 4:46 pm

A very organized list. I like it :D
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