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[SC II] [Post is in construction]

Postby Dugong » August 12th, 2017, 8:22 am

Seeing as this also seems to be one of the most misunderstood souls, here's another guide.

Lord's Madness is a soul that, every 5s activates a random effect. Three things make up the judgement and that is which, what and why these are good or bad.


Which effect will come up?

As confirmed by Psyris, all eight different effects have the same chance of happening. The procs are independent, so you can have the same effect affect you twice or more.

So what are the possible effects?

- Heals you for 1000 ("Life Gain")
- Damages you for 500 ("Life Loss ++")
- Damages you for 250 ("Life Loss +")
- Movement speed increase ("Speed gain")
- Movement speed decrease ("Speed loss")
- Restore 55 of your Mana ("Mana gain")
- Reduce your cooldowns by 10 seconds ("CD boost")
- Give you a miniature Zephyre effect, that only lasts for exactly 3s, which you mostly miss ("Lord's Bolts")


So naturally, through the mechanics of randomness, this soul includes a certain risk. That and it also contains insane benefits. Let's go through the different aspects one by one.

Mana management:

You have 1/8 chance to increase your mana by 55. Unless you're a warlock or firemage you're probably able to benefit from the procc fully most of the time. Since Madness proccs every 5 seconds you have 55/8 mana per five seconds.

Madness: 1.375 Mana / second
Arcane Soul: 1.5 Mana / second, but only if you haven't taken dmg in last 5 seconds. So in practice it's WAY less.
Alchemist: 0.4 Mana / second + Active part. The active part is at theoretical max (use on CD) xxx/second. (CD??, 40% reg = 80 Mana)

Cooldown management:

So every 5 seconds you have 1/8 chance to reduce your cooldowns by 10 seconds. This affects different cooldowns differently and is difficult to properly estimate. A few thoughts:

1) It's better on classes with longer cooldowns. I'll use an exreme, but simple, example before applying the math. Say you have "DOOM" on a 100s CD and "littlepewpew" on a 8s CD, where both are used on CD.
- If you cast DOOM, then during the next 90 seconds you will profit fully from a CD boost. So you mostly profit fully from it.
- If you cast littlepewpew, then immediatly have a CD procc you already waste 2 seconds of CD gain and for every second later the procc comes, another second of possible gain is wasted. This effect is the same for the last 10s of DOOM's CD, but again - DOOM has already had 90% of it's time in full profit.
What i'm saying is CD boost is stronger on longer CDs!



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