Double Healer Strikes again - EU Hard clear (v3.2)

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Double Healer Strikes again - EU Hard clear (v3.2)

Postby Dugong » April 5th, 2017, 3:41 pm

So just in time before the upcoming patch, here comes EU's second Hard Finish!
Double Naga strikes again!

Impossible Bosses (152).SC2Replay
(512.55 KiB) Downloaded 1079 times

Replay contains only successful run.

Sustanon: Sea Witch
Lyudorashi: Sea Witch *New
Reservoir: Cursed Knight
Dugong: Frost Mage
TheCheese: Dryad
PvP: Fire mage *New

Belthazar: C
Ancient Spirit: A
Vale: B
Rayel: S
Narthuul: S
Atomsk: A
Athyris: A
Ensiga: C

Overall: B



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